This weekend I saw a movie in which  Vanessa Paradis stars.  She covered of a beautiful, classic Neapolitan song played at the end of the film.  I specify this song as “Neapolitan” because it is sung in the dialect from Naples.  Originally released by Domenco Modugno  in 1964, I absolutely love Vanessa’s sultry version.  Then also, I love the idea of a French girl singing in Neapolitan dialect!  Fabulous!  Anyway, my father and I were talking about classic Italian songs this weekend, so I thought it was the perfect moment to post this wonderful rendition. She is singing about a big love. She is saying that this person in her life is very important.  She loves him.  She really loves him.  She wants to know if that love is reciprocated.  She comes right out and tells him:  “Tell me that you love me the way I love you!”

As I mentioned above, I love that Frenchie Vanessa could so beautifully pull off this Neapolitan song and it got me thinking about other singers who have done the same. For instance, there is Carla Bruni.  The Italian born, former first lady of France and former model is also a songwriter and singer in French.  It is true that she has lived in France since she was seven, but she is still Italian.  She is not really loved by the Italians, but I love her musical style.
Here she is singing the 1950’s classic, “You Belong to Me” in English.
Stacey Kent is a jazz singer who was born in New Jersey.  She moved to London in the 1990s and established a solid career in Europe.  Her album Raconte Moi is sung completely in French.  Below is one of my favorite pieces.

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    • Thanks Lauren! I know….aren’t they all fab?!?!!?!? Love their music too…even the stuff I cannot understand! 🙂

  1. Hi Susan! Yes! I totally agree…..and again, the Italians are not too keen on Carla Bruni, but I once saw her interviewed, and she was so modest and down to earth……I REALLY liked her a lot. Her music really reflects her persona. Thanks for the comment and have a great rest of the week.

  2. Hi Sheri! Yes…..the songs are wonderful, but I admit when I put this together, I did not pay attention to the other thing all the songs had in common, and that is that they are all performed by fab women! Kindly pointed out by some other great women. 🙂

    • I KNOW….ummm…didn’t you ask me the same question a YEAR ago?!?!?! I will do it before I come home…promise…

  3. I remember seeing Vanessa Paradis for the first time in the French romantic comedy, Heartbreaker on Netflix. She has such an interesting look! Thanks for sharing this music — I love it all!

    • Hi Katie! Yes, I know…she definitely has a cool look going for her. I love her voice and love this super romantic song………

  4. Oh I used to love Vanessa Paradis when I was a teenager. She was so young then but already very popular.
    Something I noticed now in her (that I didn’t before!) is that she has a gap in her front teeth… just like me. But now I am wearing a brace to close it as I have always hated it! Obviously she doesn’t!

    You are right, for some reasons Carla Bruni is not popular in Italy. Not sure why though, she is quite smart. I love your post about this powerful women!

    • Alida!!! I LOVE her front tooth gap…just like Mick Jagger’s daughter and Lauren Hutton….very sexy! My mother used to have one, but it closed on its own. Anyway…. I know what you mean, I had a bad front tooth overlap and recently had that fixed. But unlike all of you beautiful ladies, I just looked like a hillbilly! ha, ha, ha! Better to have gotten it fixed. Thanks for your message….have a good week!!! Baci!

    • Hanne! You are too kind to think of me! Thank you so much! I will have a look. Have a great week!!!

  5. A few months ago you wrote a post that got me on an Italian music rampage, with love songs in particular! Shamefully, even though I am French Canadian, I never really listen to any French music. I’ll definitely give these ladies a listen – we do have Stacy Kent’s album in the apartment (my boyfriend saw her at the North Sea Jazz festival) and I really enjoy it!

    • Hi Sophie….yes..the Italians know how to do the love songs that is for sure. I listen to a lot of French music too even though I cannot understand the words… French. You are a lucky girl to know the language. And yes…Stacy Kent! She is the best!

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