Summer Vacation Shut Down in Italy


This will be me for the next few weeks.  What does the sign mean?  Well, you will usually see some type of sign that says “Chiuso per Ferie” on most family run cafes, stores and restaurants for at least a few weeks in August if not the whole month.  It means “Closed for Vacation.”  Most offices shut down too.  Yes…a complete shut down….to unplug BUT recharge!   That is what I will be doing.  Wishing everyone happy summer travels!

Water slides

Water slides



18 Comments on “Summer Vacation Shut Down in Italy

  1. I find it completely ridiculous that everyone takes their holidays at the same time. I tell everyone I know to avoid Italy in August. It is too hot, crowded and most things are shut…ridiculous.

    • Hi Debra! It is for sure strange. I guess it pretty much works that way for a lot of Europe. I see that Italy is changing a bit in that there ARE some stores open…..mainly the big chains. I have gotten used to the shut down and now kind of like it. I guess it contributes to the big “FEEL” of summer that I love so much in Italy that we don’t have AT ALL in the States.

  2. If you are visiting family in small villages, August is a great time to go to Italy because they are all on vacation so you get to see them and hang out. I’m packing right now and leaving in a few hours! Buon Viaggio to both of us! Ciao, Cristina

  3. Buon viaggio. I stay away from Italy in august for many reasons. The crowds. The heat. We must do what works for us

    • Hi Lyn….yes…that is the key…whatever works for each of us. And August is for sure a strange time of year in Italy for so many reasons….tons of tourists and all Italians out of the cities and at the beach….lots of traffic and anything seaside is SUPER expensive . We have never spent an August vacation in Italy apart from a weekend get away.

  4. Buon viaggio Diana! I found this concept utterly perplexing when I heard first. I mean how can you shut everything and go? No wonder the economy is down the drains. Anyhow wish you a fabulous holiday! 🙂

    • I know…me too…but now I am all used to it……and kinda liking it……I have turned into such a slacker. 🙂 Have a fab weekend!

    • Thanks Alida!!!! Actually, I only had a total shut down in Mexico….now I am in Texas with my family and doing a few things online….but I truly cut ALL communication in Mexico….and it was very nice to turn the computer down. Hope you are doing well!

  5. When standing in front of a Chiuso per ferie notice I have to remind myself of the English (and presumably Welsh) Christmas shutdown, which of course doesn’t annoy me because I’m hibernating too. The Scots close for New Year.

    • Ahhhh…see? The shutdown used to freak me out…but now I kind of like it….reminds me to live a little …disconnect and spend time with our loved ones…either at the beach in Italy during the summer….or for the xmas holidays….. lovely. 🙂

    • Hi Sue! Thanks!!! We had a fab time in Mexico cut off from the computer. I am now connected again, but in Texas…so still on vaca. 🙂

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