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I have not done a music post in a while, and today I thought I would focus on great Italian music found in the movies.  Most of the songs here are classics, and when put together with great visuals, they can make you love the song even more.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E
“Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera” by Peppino Gagliardi

Watching Henry Cavill calmly snack on a panino while washing it down with some Chianti only later to save Armie Hammer from drowning makes this song all the more suavo and dramatic.

Big Night
“Tic ti, tic ta” by Claudio Villa

Two of my favorite things:  great food and great music.  This movie has them both.  If you have never seen it, I highly suggest it!  The food alone is enough to go on, but again, the entire soundtrack is fantastic.  Lots of Louis Prima, Claudio Villa and even Rosemary Clooney (George’s aunt).  The story is touching as well as funny.  One of my favorite lines is the chef calling the customer a “criminal” for trying to order a side of spaghetti after having eaten risotto.  Ha, ha, ha…..fabulous!  This song is fun and suits the moment.

The Wolf of Wall Street
“Gloria” by Umberto Tozzi

This song is so funny to me.  I must admit, all this time, I thought it was the Italians that stole it from the Americans.  The reason for this is that there are many Italian songs that are remakes of American or British songs and when I hear them, they sound so cheesy and frankly make me laugh a lot.  I always love to make fun of hubby for his people’s inability to come up with their own music.  And up until I wrote this post, I thought the same was true for “Gloria.”  But is seems the opposite is true and that WE stole the song from them!  Anyway…..great quote at the end:  “Nice thing about getting rescued by Italians is that they feed you, give you red wine and then you get to dance.”

Ocean’s Twelve
“L’appuntamento” by Ornella Vanoni

Ok…oddly enough this song IS a cover!  It is from the Brazilian song: “Sentado à Beira do Caminho.”  I didn’t know that until just this moment.  See?  The Italians DO love the remakes! Remake or no – it is a classic 70’s song.  The words make for a quintessential Italian love tune.  She is going to meet someone who has hurt her in the past, knowing he will probably do it again….but oh “the nostalgia of seeing him again!” is stronger than the fear of being hurt again.  Who hasn’t experienced THAT before?

“Ma L’amore No” by Lina Termini

This war-time song was used for the war-time movie with Monica Bellucci, Malena.  I guess there is not much to say…just watching Monica dance with the photo of her missing in action husband to that song…gosh…..I don’t blame that kid for spying on her.

Fading Gigolo
“Tu Si Na Cosa Grande” by Vanessa Paradis

Ok….I have already mentioned this song in the past…but I love it.  I love the words, I love the music and I love Vanessa’s sultry French voice singing this Neapolitan classic.

Light Blue
“Parlami d’amore Mariù” by Achille Togliani

Ok, so this is actually a commercial.  And now that it is spring, it should start coming on again. Almost every year since we have been living here they show this commercial or some version of it every spring and summer.  The song is from the 1930’s  Obviously seeing beautiful people, in a beautiful setting with beautiful music – is – well – beautiful to watch.  On a side note, last year hubby and I were at the beach sans kids, and there was a tiny platform a little way out in the sea.  I say tiny, because this thing was small and was not the normal sized platform you might find in Cannes (like in the movie “To Catch a Theif.”)  No – it was small with no ladder to get up.  Anyway….hubby was out there and wanted me to come.  So there I was doggy paddling out there with my huge hat, sunscreen covered shoulders, and one piece suit, struggling to get on that platform with no ladder.  He had to pull me up and I went sliding across that thing like a fish.  When I finally got settled, he was laughing and laughing saying how we were JUST like the couple in this video.  Yes – – – EXACTLY!  See? Sometimes life DOES imitate art!

The song was written in 1932 for Vittorio de Sica to sing, but it has been covered by more than 30 artists including Pavarotti, Jovanotti, Tino Rossi, Mario Lanza and Claudio Villa.













































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18 Comments on “Musica and Movies

  1. Diana, this was so much fun! I loved them all…but your story at the end was the best. I could just picture you in that big floppy sunhat dog paddling…ah, the worst of times can be the best of times.

    • Hi Susan!!! Gosh! I am a dork as it is…but for sure in the summer and especially compared to the Italians. Anyway…you said it right….the worst of times CAN be the best of times!!! 🙂

      • And remain fun memories. I can only imagine me trying to function in the water…in fact, I prefer not to:( Haha! Not pretty…

  2. But oh “the nostalgia of seeing him again!” is stronger than the fear of being hurt again. – yes, yes 🙂
    And I love the image of you at the end! Perfect haha!

    • Hi Linda! Isn’t it nuts how true that is? Why do we torture ourselves??? Anyway…..I guess we all do it if they are writing songs about it. And yes….that day on the platform? I feel certain I was the afternoon entertainment for anyone who happen to be on that beach.

      • You would have ended up in one of my blog posts haha!
        And yes – gluttons for punishment. The human condition!

  3. I love this post!! I’m leaving a tab open to this one for a while so that I can enjoy the lovely music and movie scenes more than once. Grazie, Diana!

    • Awwwww….yay! Glad you like it! I am such a sucker for all old music….but these old Italian songs are especially moving….

    • Whooohooo!!!!! LOVE that movie and soundtrack! I tried to find the scene when they are test driving the car and listening to “Strada nel Bosco” but I couldn’t find it…….love that scene! The whole movie is great….kinda sad too…..

  4. Diana…I loved this post…the music and movies were fun! The best part though was the image of you and Hubby at the end.

    • Hi Kath!!! Ha, ha, ha……ohhh….that day was so funny…..anyway…I guess I would rather make a fool of myself and enjoy life than miss out on opportunities like being in the middle of the Mediterranean sea with hubby enjoying the sun. 🙂 big baci!

  5. J’ai adoré écouter les vieilles chansons que tu as proposées. Même les enfants sont apaisés en écoutant Ornella Vanoni. Ils sont à la maison et un peu bougons à cause de la grippe 😦

    • Aww..thank pour le genre de commentaire. J’adore les vieilles chansons. Quoi qu’il en soit … J’espère que tes enfants se sentent mieux maintenant!

  6. I need you to make me a CD so I can just upload to my phone 🙂 Love them all xxx

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