Language Courses

Ah the Italian Language! Is there any language on earth more melodic?   Wouldn’t it be nice to impress your Italian waiter by ordering bruschetta and pronouncing it correctly – using the “k” sound as opposed to the often mistakenly used “ch” sound we English speakers use?

Or how about knowing how to ask for the conto (the check) in Italian and when to ask for it?  Because in Italy, the waiters will not bring the check until you ask them.

At Italy Translated, we will not only teach you the basics of the Italian language, but also about Italian culture.  There is nothing like knowing a bit of a local language to open up a foreign country’s people and culture.

For an overview of Italian and helpful cultural pointers, see our one-hour Caffe’ & Conversation class.  For a more in-depth class, have a look at our two-hour Lunch & Language class.

*NOTE:  Courses take place in central Milan.