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Italy Translated provides services subject to the following Terms of Service which may be updated at any time without notice to client (herein referred to as “YOU.”)   You can email Italy Translated with any questions relating to the Terms of Service at:  info@italytranslated.


No express or implied warranty is given regarding possible erroneous information or technical inaccuracies provided in the Italy Translated website. Italy Translated will not accept liability for inconvenience, loss or injury resulting from the use of the website or services.


Italy Translated website and services contain third party links. Third party website links put forth by Italy Translated are listed to add worth and convenience to its clients and is done so in good faith.  Italy Translated does not endorse any of these links. Italy Translated is not liable for the use related to the third party links provided. Italy Translated is not accountable for the content of these sites or for links within these third party sites. Italy Translated is not responsible for the privacy policies of these websites.

Privacy and Content

Italy Translated will not lease, lend or sell to any third parties personal details of its clients. Italy Translated is not responsible for unlawful interceptions and accessing of data. You should not expect that personal informational transmitted electronically will be totally confidential. Italy Translated provides service and information on its website and is without any warranties. Italy Translated is not responsible for any downloading of materials that could cause damage to your computer from use of our site or from use by third party sites suggested by Italy Translated. Use of Italy Translated constitutes your agreement to the terms of its privacy and content policy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Should you not be satisfied with purchase, you may request refund, however, detailed reasons for request of refund must be provided by you to Italy Translated first.

Terms and Conditions

Italy Translated only suggests arrangements for accommodations, services, events, tours and transportation. Italy Translated disclaims responsibility or liability for injury, damage, delay or accident by the you or any third party  in connection with any of the services or products suggested.  Your contractual relationship with respect to all service arrangements suggested by Italy Translated shall be specifically with the provider and any claims or losses will be between you and the provider in accordance with the terms of the provider’s contractual agreement. Italy Translated will not be liable to you or third party for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages (including but not limited to loss of business opportunity, profits or lost savings) arising in any way related to the use of Italy Translated’s website or services.

You are aware of the risks associated with travel and freely accept all responsibility of these risks including the possibility of personal loss or injury that could result from travel. You agree to indemnify Italy Translated from any and all liability related to personal loss, personal injury or property damage resulting from your use of Italy Translated’s website or services. Italy Translated is not responsible for the wilful or negligent acts and or omissions of third party service providers including their employees or representatives including without limitation, their failure and or inadequacy of services.

Payment and Insurance

Italy Translated accepts wire transfers and PayPal. Payment is required before services will be rendered. If you must cancel your trip, unfortunately, we cannot refund your money if we have started planning your trip. You may want to consider travel insurance for the other parts of your vacation that may be non-refundable such as airfare, hotels, tours, etc.

Agreement to Comply

By using Italy Translated’s website or services, you agree to comply with all the Terms of Service set forth herein related to the website and services.

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