Italy Translated

We live in Lombardy, the most hard-hit region in Italy. We have been on lockdown for a week, but partial lockdown for a few weeks during which time the kids have been out of school and hubby has been working from home. What is life like? Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. I admit I was never a fan of Valentine’s Day, thinking it seemed like a cheesy and forced way to express one’s love. But then I realized that Valentine’s Day can be about all kinds of love. Love for friends and family as well as the big love of your life. Read More

The amount of art in Rome is completely overwhelming. Where does one even begin when trying to plan a trip on what to see. Much to the horror of my art historian sister, on my first few visits to Rome, I completely skipped the Vatican Museums and the Borghese Gallery. Instead, I opted for the free art in Rome that blankets the city. I love to sprinkle my Roman day with masterpieces by the likes of Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini and many others. This is a fabulous option if you are a lover of art, but also a lover of the dolce vita. Why?  Because there are no lines, no reservations, no tickets. You can stop for an aperitivo and take a stroll down the street to see some of the most priceless works of art for free. Read More

Here is a photo of hubby’s uncle taken with Sophia Loren a few years ago. LOOK AT THIS WOMAN! At the time, she was 81! This is just a snapshot, no photoshop or retouching – just a regular pic. She is amazing and an inspiration.

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Van Gogh Alive is not an exhibit of original pieces by Van Gogh, but instead is a reflection of the artist’s life ¬†projected onto screens, columns, walls and even the floor, set to a soundtrack of classical music. Read More