Today’s language lesson does not involve any new vocabulary or verb conjugations or rolling of the r’s. Read More

This past weekend and maybe the upcoming weekend (for rebels looking to vacation right up until the last-minute), is known as the “rientro.” When using this word as it relates to vacation, it would mean, “returning home” or “going home.”  Everyone hates this word because it means a return to the routine life.  The end of the summer fun.  And as you might recall, Italians really know how to do summer up right. Read More

Lately I have been catching some fun photos of gli anziani – seniors.  Most anziani are nonni – grandparents.  Grandparents play a very important part in Italian culture.  This usually comes in the form of giving out insightful advise, Sunday dinners,  spoiling grandchildren but even raising their grandchildren. Read More


Today I ran into a friend I have not seen in a long time.  In Italy usually your friends greet you with the double kiss – one on each side of the cheek.  But since she is Swiss,  she gave me three kisses (because apparently the Swiss do three kisses).  Read More


My dear friend Alida over at My Little Italian Kitchen recently interviewed me for her blog.    She is an Italian living in England and wanted my perspective of an American living in Italy.  She asked me about some of the challenges I encountered when I first moved to Italy.   Read More

This morning my kid woke up with a horrific cough.  We decided to give him some cough syrup.  Here were the options: Read More

Procter & Gamble conducted a study in 2006 on the number of hours per week women around the world cleaned.  Read More

When I first moved to Italy, people were constantly stealing from me – my wallet from my purse, money from my coat pocket, countless phones from my backpack.  Read More

10 Signs You Lived in Italy in a Past Life

Great post by the blog:  Live Like an Italian.  Spot on!  Number 6 was my favorite!

Live Like an Italian

1. Your hands are as important as your words. Everything you say is punctuated with a perfectly orchestrated hand motion.  Crazy weekend? You recount it with a flourish of the wrist.  Difficult boss? A shake of the fist. Don’t understand what someone wants? Purse your fingers together. Absolutely starving? Tap your tummy.  No story is complete with the hand motions that really get the point across.


2. You dress to make an impression. Be that head-to-toe monochrome, or a perfectly fitted suit, your clothes make a statement about you.  You do not believe in sweatpants in the grocery store, unless they are designer and accessorized; and you would never leave the house without hair done and makeup perfectly applied.

3. Whatever  your shape, you work it. Most fabulous person in the room? That’s you. But you already knew that.  Your confidence is off the charts and anyone who says otherwise is crazy.

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Looking for a home in Italy?  Have about €250,000 to spend?  What can you get with that kind of cash? Well, that all depends on where you are.  In places like historic centers of Rome and Milan expect to pay this amount for a 300 square foot (30 square meters) “apartment.”   Read More

Many people are fearful of driving in Italy. I admit I was one of them. Growing up in Texas where we have lots of space, are overly hospitable and have something called lanes, I was terrified of driving in Milan. Not only are there cars on the streets in Milan, but people, cyclists, scooters and trains. Ok, they are really trams, but in my mind, having to compete with something riding along tracks when I don’t even have a lane, seems like a train. Read More


In Italy, “La Bella Figura” does not completely relate to having a beautiful body or figure, but it is somewhat linked.  La Bella Figura is an approach to life – a philosophy.   Read More