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This dish is often made for Christmas in Rome. The Romans will sometimes use onion in place of the garlic, so it is up to you on your preferences.

The good news is, this dish is so easy to make, that you can have it all year round. We often have this for lunch because it is so quick to make, and I usually have the ingredients on hand. It includes tuna, which as an American, I usually associate with sandwiches, but the Italians like to eat a hot meal for lunch – something I have commented on in the past. And actually, I have come to prefer preparing pasta or rice for lunch – seems so much faster than getting out all that bread, cheese, salami, mustard, etc…

So next time you think about a tuna sandwich, why not have tuna pasta instead?

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Today is the first day of spring, so it might seem strange to be talking about skiing, but the ski season goes on until mid-April and sometimes even summer in certain resorts. And let’s face it, the ski industry had a difficult season in Italy. First, they were closed for months due to Covid. Then, they were scheduled to open – everybody was excited, families booked trips and everyone was ready to go until the government announced they had to stay closed the day before they were set to open. Not cool. So for the moment, Italian resorts are still closed even though there is at least another month left of the season.

But when this is all over and if you happen to find yourself in Milan during the winter, give some thought to visiting one of these resorts. Sure Milan is more known for fashion and finance and it is usually not associated with winter sports, but it is strategically positioned for visiting some of Europe’s best ski areas. In just three hours, you can hit the super-chic resorts of Switzerland and the Olympic-worthy slopes of France and Italy.

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With Halloween upon us, what could be more appropriate than a post about a monster park?  A monster park that happens to be more than 500 years old (just to add to the creepiness).

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Rome is starting to have a few more visitors, but it has taken months since the country reopened and for sure the tourist landscape has totally changed. Now instead of Chinese and American tourists, there are mainly Italians and Romans. Yes, the Romans are rediscovering and enjoying their city. Read More

Last Monday we had our first day of freedom – phase two. What kind of freedom was included in phase two? Being allowed to walk more than 600 feet from our homes, outdoor exercise (not in groups), ability to visit family (only within your region) and the opening of restaurants, ice cream shops and cafes (only for takeout). Read More

In the past month, we have all likely been cooking more, and although lockdown will be coming to an end soon, why should the kitchen action come to an end? What a nice side effect of a horrible situation. Read More

When life gives you lemons (and let’s face it, the whole world seems to be dealing with lemons right now), make some limoncello bars. I wrote a post with the same tagline referring to a recipe for limoncello a few years back. But given the circumstances, don’t you think we need to add a little something to the limoncello? Like sugar, butter and cream? I think so!

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Italy remains on lockdown until at least May 3rd. A few days before the country asked us all to stay home, we were in Venice where things were already very quiet. Read More

We live in Lombardy, the most hard-hit region in Italy. We have been on lockdown for a week, but partial lockdown for a few weeks during which time the kids have been out of school and hubby has been working from home. What is life like? Read More

Now that Summer is over and we are in full fall mode, what better way to get over the summertime blues than hitting up a sagra (festival) in Italy?   Read More

This year marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death and seeing as how he spent a big portion of his life in Milan, the city is celebrating with all kinds of cultural offerings. They include everything from art exhibits by Leo himself to exhibits by artists influenced by him. But the events go way beyond just art. Also included are educational talks, multimedia shows, kids’ activities, plays and tours. Read More

I have been recently reviewing and writing articles about hotels in northern Italy for my blog and other sites. Hotels used to be the first thing that came to mind when planning a vacation to Italy. But since Airbnb arrived on the scene, apartments have also gained popularity. What about all the other options out there? I will start with those more unique places and then touch on some of the more traditional options.  Read More