Language lunedi’ – La Famiglia It has been ages since I put up a language post.  But having just returned from visiting my family, I thought what could be more appropriate than a little lesson related to center of Italian life:  la famiglia?


Recipe – Tiramisu

So easy, so delicious and no oven involved!  I can’t really bake so of course the tiramisu is one of my go-to desserts.  I did a little research to see where this “classic” Italian dessert originated from and as it turns out, it is not so classic after all.


Castle Alley in Aosta, Italy

Aosta Valley occupies the sweetest little corner of northwest Italy.  To me Aosta is the fairy tale region of Italy – full of history, romance and of course – castles.  Here in the smallest region of Italy you will find French-speaking Italians, surrounded by The Alps and every […]


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