Festa del Papà

Today is Father’s Day in Italy. It is celebrated on the feast day of St. Joseph here.

This post is dedicated to my father. What can I say? He raised five daughters, taught us to ride our bikes, how to swim, how to enjoy the simple pleasures life. Always strong – our rock. I could write pages about what a wonderful man and father he is, but now I am all emotional, so I will just include a few pictures and say:  Happy Father’s Day Daddy!




scan0047 (2)

daddy and jess

15 Comments on “Festa del Papà

  1. Such wonderful pictures of your father! And, oh my gosh-the picture with your mother–you are TWINS with her! Britt and I cannot believe it-it looks like YOU standing there! So sweet. I love it all!

    • Awwww…thank you! I know…it was fun going through all of those old pics! Ha, ha, ha…yes…my mother and I look a lot alike! 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes he is! We all love the black and white photo on top…..love his hair in that pic! 🙂

  2. What wonderful pictures! I loved this Diana….great memories….thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Kathy!!! I know…..it was so much fun trying to find those pics….because I got to take a stroll down memory lane!

  3. Diana,
    How special and loving your dedication to your father was…..he was so touched … now I’m all emotional…love the pictures….sweet memories.

    • Thanks Alida! Actually….all of my sisters look like my mother – we even all have the same voices! Sometimes I am not sure who it is that is calling!

      You have a fab weekend too! Baci!

  4. I have always said he look like Elvis….so good looking and your mom is too…Love Pat

    • Hi Pat! Great to hear from you! Ha, ha, ha! Yes…Daddy did look just like Elvis…that pic is my favorite is him! Once again…great to hear from you…hope you are doing well!!! Take care, Diana.

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