Recipe – Cioccolatini per San Valentino

As an adult, I was never much into Valentine’s Day.  I admit it.  It seemed so contrived – like a forced display of love. And nothing makes me more crazy than something that seems forced.  One day in talking this over with my sis, she totally convinced me otherwise.  “Why would you not want to celebrate a day dedicated to love?”   I don’t know what happened, but when I heard those words, it just clicked with me that Valentines’s can be what you want it to be.  It does not have to be cheesy and over the top, but can be just what YOU want it to be.  

I view Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate ALL love.  The love we have for our parents and children.  The special bond between best girlfriends and of course the big amore of our lives.  Apparently my father felt the same way because every year without fail, he would bring all of us girls (his 5 daughters) a box of chocolates.  And for my mother the same thing, only it was always three times bigger and super fancy with ribbons and flowers all over it.

So every year since my sis talked me into loving Valentine’s Day, I make chocolates for those I love.  Here is a recipe for strawberry filed cioccolatini.  So simple, yet so decadent.


16 ounces chocolate of your choice

8 ounces fresh strawberries

3 teaspoons sugar


1.  Chop chocolate into pieces and melt two thirds in a double boiler.  Save the other one third to temper.

*Note:  see working with chocolate notes below.

2.  After chocolate has been tempered, pour into silicone mold and fill half way.   Shake mold to ensure there are no air bubbles. Place mold into fridge and allow to cool.

3.  While chocolate is cooling, wash strawberries, cut and place in a food processor, pulse until texture is smooth.

4.  Cook strawberries with sugar on low heat for 5-7 minutes. Allow to cool.

5.  Take chocolate mold out of the refrigerator and add strawberry filling on top of each chocolate.

7.  Cover the strawberry filling with chocolate making sure no filling is showing. Allow chocolate to harden and remove from mold.  Decorate with opposite chocolate color if desired.

8.  Break out the bubbly and enjoy with all your loved ones.

*Notes on Chocolate:  make sure not one drop of water comes into contact with your chocolate otherwise it will become grainy and impossible to work with.  Your chocolate should be tempered as well to get that shiny surface.  Have a look at this site for directions and temperatures for tempering chocolate:


44 Comments on “Recipe – Cioccolatini per San Valentino

  1. MMMmmmm!!! Celebrating love with a “love”-ly and simple chocolate recipe (the end result of which does not look simple at all but elegant and delicious). Now, THAT’S amore!

  2. These look absolutely beautiful! I love that you take the time to make them for loved ones. I love that you have five sisters. I love the story about your dad on Valentine’s day, and I love that we’ve developed such similar outlooks on the holiday! Maybe I’ll try my hand at these chocolates…

    • Hi Katie!!! Yes…. I have sweet childhood memories. Anyway…enjoy the weekend….give the chocolates a try….they are easy and no baking involved (my favorite)

  3. Oh wow! They look amazing! And they don’t sound that complicated!
    This Valentine’s Day, I will mainly be celebrating my love affair with Germany 🙂 In Dresden!

  4. so pretty-I love that you love being in the kitchen and make so many wonderful things and you make them with love! Happy Valentine’s Day to you! love, Sheri

  5. I’m with you about Valentine’s Day feeling forced…but your idea about celebrating ALL love instead is lovely. Gorgeous chocolates…wish I could pop one in my mouth right now! 😉

    • Thanks Shelley! Yes….my sis really opened my eyes to the “love for all” view of Valentine’s Day! Have a great weekend!

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day Diana! These look amazing and I am always game to try any chocolate recipe! My love to you and your family.

  7. I feel the same way about Valentine’s Day. I’d like to believe we can bring it back to what it’s supposed to be about…love! And love of delicious chocolate 😉

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  9. Delicious! I have never made cioccolatini before. It seems really easy with your recipe and this is an ideal present for san valentino. They look so pretty and I love the filling.
    I don’t usually celebrate but often I make something special to eat and I buy “Baci Perugina” because I grew up with them (although I think your homemade cioccolatini are much better).
    This year my 5 year old son has come back from school with 2 valentine cards from his girlfriends. In one card it was written: “I love you”! It made me laugh, I wonder what’s going to be like when he is 15!
    Have a good week Diana. Saluti!

    • Hi Alida……well….yes….these little guys are super easy to make, those silicone molds make them come out perfect every time. Now onto more important topics….your 5 year old makes me laugh a lot!!! AHHHH…young love!!!! Tanti baci a te!

  10. Mmmmmmh delicious! And they look amazing as well! I will try your recipe 😀

  11. Awwnn Diana, what a sweet story about your sis!! She is right!!
    In Brazil we dont celebrate Valentine’s day, at least not until I lived there… nowadays people are starting to mention it.
    Here in Germany they celebrate it, but not as strong as in the US and Canada.

    Your chocolates look lovely ❤
    I just realized it has been a long time I don't stop by!! Sorry about that!
    I hope you are having a wonderful week!

  12. I missed this!! And I see I missed other posts! I love the idea of ‘celebrating love’ – and I am admittedly a sucker for all things Valentine’s day 😀 I love the simplicity of this recipe!

    • Hi Sophie! I know – – my sis was so smart with her “celebrating love” advise!!! Big baci!

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