How Much House Will €250,000 Buy in Italy?

Looking for a home in Italy?  Have about €250,000 to spend?  What can you get with that kind of cash? Well, that all depends on where you are.  In places like historic centers of Rome and Milan expect to pay this amount for a 300 square foot (30 square meters) “apartment.”  Really it is basically a room with a tiny kitchen and bathroom.  The same rule applies to towns like Amalfi.  But if you are in the country, yes, even in Tuscany, that price tag will get you more like 2,000 square feet (200 square meters).  The overall average seemed to be about 800 square feet (80 square meters).

Obviously there are all kinds of factors that affect the price of a home so this is a VERY general overview.  Still, this was a fun research project.  Obviously I am always comparing things to home.  And in Texas €250,000 would get you an average of a 2000 square foot home – complete with BBQ of course!  🙂

Have a look at some of the options below.  Click on the photo to go to the site and see the rest of the house.

housing costs in Italy

TREISTE – Northeastern Italy. Father’s hometown. Apartment centrally located, 1300 square feet. €260.000. Photo courtesy of


housing costs in italy

VENICE. View of the canals, 820 square feet. €250,000. Photo courtesy of

housing costs in ITaly

BOLZANO – near the town of Bolzano in the region of Trentino. This region borders Austria, 740 square feet. €255,000. Photo courtesy of

home cost milan

MILAN. This apartment is centrally located. It is 430 square feet. €240,000. Photo courtesy of


home costs in Italy

LIGURIA. Coastal region on northwestern Italian coast. Beautiful pool and sea view, 500 square feet. €258,000. Photo courtesy of

home costs in italy

UMBRIA. Region in central Italy. This town is near Perugia. 1600 square feet. €255,000. Photo courtesy of


home cost tuscany

TUSCANY. Area in the Siena area, 2000 square feet. €260,000. Photo courtesy of


housing cost rome

ROME. This apartment is centrally located, 300 square feet. Interior is tiny, but beautiful. €255,000. Photo courtesy of


housing cost amalfi coast

AMALFI. Fabulous view, 300 square feet. €240,000. Photo courtesy of



18 Comments on “How Much House Will €250,000 Buy in Italy?

  1. Motto interessante seeing the differences the same amount will buy. My 40 sq m (450 sq ft) palazzo cost me €20,000 plus almost the same price to renovate! Casa dolce casa!

    • I know!!! Crazy huh???? for me it is all about balance. Finding the right house, in the right area….I would even sacrifice a little space to be where I want to be……

    • ha, ha, ha…you know something?!!? I LOVE the word “mannaggia!!!” love it! You are too cute!

  2. Wow, that is a lot of difference! But all of them look wonderful though 🙂

  3. Ti ringrazio per questo post! E sempre divertente a vedere case diverse negli regioni diversi, e imaginare una vita li.Anche, scegli bellissimi esempi. Please excuse all mistakes, ma e meglio a provare, no? E chi non preferire a parlare in italiano?

    • Ciao Anna…ma parli benissimo italiano…errrr…meglio di me penso! Comunque….grazie per la visita!!!! Buon weekend!

  4. This is fascinating to me… I’ve always wanted to move to Italy to live for a while, but with so much family living there, spread all over the country, I hear a lot about how unaffordable it is to live in a big city where the jobs are.. Guess I’ll keep dreaming for now!

    • Hi Jess..Well….I think it is totally doable. You know there are a lot of affordable options outside the bigger cities. For example, living in a place like Lecco is more affordable than Milan and only a 45 min. train ride away. The commute is totally doable and then also, Lecco is fabulously beautiful. Just food for thought. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Interesting! This reminds me of walking around New Orkeans wondering about the ‘for rent’ signs draped over the wrought iron balconies. Remember how we’d daydream and wonder how much they were? 🙂

    • Awww…yes Lyn….you know I am still crazy for looking for houses and apartments….I don’t know why…but I could spend hours doing it…..

    • Ohhhh yes Graham! I love those kinds of comparisons! You know, actually, I think Italy is relatively affordable. I mean, there are some towns that have nice homes for 250,000 and that are well connected with the larger cities for work.

    • Hi Ingrid! Ummmmm…I am certain there are MANY places that are about the same as your RV! For sure! Thanks for stopping by.

    • Hi Jay… might be surprised…there are lots of options out there…just got to get in when the moment is right! Thanks for the comment.

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