10 Signs You Lived in Italy in a Past Life

Great post by the blog:  Live Like an Italian.  Spot on!  Number 6 was my favorite!

Live Like an Italian

1. Your hands are as important as your words. Everything you say is punctuated with a perfectly orchestrated hand motion.  Crazy weekend? You recount it with a flourish of the wrist.  Difficult boss? A shake of the fist. Don’t understand what someone wants? Purse your fingers together. Absolutely starving? Tap your tummy.  No story is complete with the hand motions that really get the point across.


2. You dress to make an impression. Be that head-to-toe monochrome, or a perfectly fitted suit, your clothes make a statement about you.  You do not believe in sweatpants in the grocery store, unless they are designer and accessorized; and you would never leave the house without hair done and makeup perfectly applied.

3. Whatever  your shape, you work it. Most fabulous person in the room? That’s you. But you already knew that.  Your confidence is off the charts and anyone who says otherwise is crazy.

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13 Comments on “10 Signs You Lived in Italy in a Past Life

    • Hi Alida…si brava! mi ha fatto ridere tanto…..poi e’ vero….specialmente per il spazio personale…non esiste in italia….buon weekend e big baci!

    • Hi Indah! Yes….I guess you noticed them all on your trip!!! I have been loving your photos.

  1. What about the one where you can never have too many watches, and chain jewelry?! I can’t believe how much I am drawn to these things and how I have unknowingly amassed so many!!! And I barely ware jewelry!

    • Hi Anna! ha, ha, ha….yes…..it is so true right! Love the chain jewelry! Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Hanne! Yes…the personal space one makes me laugh the most….it does not exist for Italians!

    • Hi Victor…..yes I am with you on that….for sure number 4 and 5 represent me well! Have a nice weekend!

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