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Italy has been experiencing an early start to summer this year.  It has been hot, so here are some nice options to cool off when ya just can no longer take the heat.


Rome and its elusive swimming pools.  Rome is a though city to find pools which is interesting to me given the their obsessive history with running water and public baths.  An example of this is the pool by the Tiber river.  The city opened up a pool right along the river a few years back, but it does not seem to be there anymore.  Same story for other locations around the city.  There are other options such at the ancient terme in Tivoli or a new water park about 30 miles outside the city, but these places have been very disappointing.  Not too many fab options in the eternal city for a cool down.  Below are a few sure things, but expect to pay a pretty penny to take a dip in the Roman waters.

1. Radisson Blu

This rooftop pool is located near the Termini train station.  It is actually in the Radisson hotel and can be accessed even if you are not a guest of the hotel. The entrance fee during the week is 45 Euro and 55 Euro during the weekend – for both adults and children.

Via Filippo Turati 171
tel. 06444841

Rome pools

Radisson Blu Rome courtesy of Free Travel Guys

2.  Piscina delle Rose

One affordable option is the community pool located in EUR.  This is relatively central, but is in the “new” part of the city built by Mussolini, so don’t expect to find quaint and charming streets.   However, do expect to find lots of Roman families and lots of action.  The cost is 16 Euro per day and 14 Euro for a half day.  Children 6-10 pay 10 Euro per day and 9 Euro per half day.  Children 10 years and younger are free with entering with two paying adults.

Via Filippo Turati 171
tel. 06444841


Piscina delle Rose courtesy of Blackcat

3.  Cavalieri

Cavalieri’s is not in the center of town, but that is a good thing, because the sweeping views of the city make the trip getting there worth it.  They have three outdoor pools and a children’s pool along with bar service.  Monday – Friday 45 Euro for adults and 35 EUro for children.  Weekends and holidays 85 Euro for adults and 45 Euro for children.

Via Alberto Cadlolo 101
tel:  06-35091


Cavalieri courtesy of


1.  Le Pavoniere

Le Pavoniere can be found in the city park, The Cascine.  The setting is beautiful –  surrounded by gardens, cafes and even a villa.  The cost is 8 Euro during the week and 10 Euro on weekends.  On Sunday and Thursday, in addition to normal opening hours (10AM to 7PM), the pool is open from 9PM – midnight.

Via della Catena 2, Cascine Park
tel:  055/362233


Le Pavoniere courtesy of Visit Florence

2.  Klab Marignolle

Klab Marignolle is about 3 miles  outside of Florence, but feels more like 50 miles as the setting is classically Tuscan.  You can reach this pool by taking the city bus 6 from the Duomo and walking another 15 minutes.   The cost is 50 Euro for adults and 15 Euro for children.

Via del Ferrone 5
tel:  0557184302


Klab courtesy of Io Amo Firenze


1.  Cersio 7

Rooftop swimming in style at  Cersio 7.  Fab views, refreshing pool –  what more could you need?  But know that those views are gonna come with a price:  110 Euro per person.  Open Mon – Sun from 10AM to 5:30PM.

Via Ceresio 7, Milan
tel:  02 310 392 21


Ceresio 7 courtesy of Zingarate


1.  Lido Villa Olmo

Head on over Villa Olmo this swimming pool is located directly on Lake Como.   Yes, two pools, a sandy area, a picnic area, a pizzeria, a bar and views of the lake and the Alps.  Could life get any better?  Wait, yes it could!  Because directly behind the pool is the impressive neoclassical Villa Olmo which is now owned by he city of Como and often hosts art exhibits.  So you can also squeeze some culture into your day by the pool.  Prices range from 5 Euro to 22 Euro depending on arrival time and activities desired.  Note that rental of lounge chairs and umbrellas are at an additional cost.  Open every day from 9AM to 7PM

Via per Cernobbio 2
tel:  031.570871


Villa Olmo and Lido di Villa Olmo courtesy of Cioa Como


*note that many Italian pools require you wear a swimming cap!  No cap?  No swim!

22 Comments on “Hot in the City!

    • Hi Lyn, thanks! a swim is always on my mind in the summer…even in fantastic places like Rome or Florence.

  1. Those swimming pools are so tempting! My favorite is the last one – would love to swim in Lake Como during summer time 🙂
    Summer in the Netherlands this year is bit on and off summer weather – I hope it will reach good weather as in Italy 😀

    • Hi Indah!!! YES! That pool in Como is nuts! So relaxing and the views are just amazing. Yes…this summer has been great so far….last year it rained all summer long 😦

  2. Some of those prices are extraordinary! €45 and more to go to a pool! Does anyone go? The gorgeous pool with mountain views in Bagni di Lucca is about €8 and I thought that was steep.

    • Hi Debra! I KNOW! What about the one in Milan for 110 Euro?!!? CRAZY. The one in Como is totally affordable and so beautiful. I would love to go to the one in Bagni di Lucca – maybe one day. 🙂

  3. How fun to see all of the options in the area. The one in Como looks perfect offering some culture along with the pools and beautiful grounds. One day I hope to get there!

    • Hi Kathy…yes…for sure the one in Como is fab….it is my favorite. I hope y’all are doing well. We are thinking of you.

  4. So pretty! But yes – sorta pricey – especially if you are taking the whole family. The swimming caps thing was a surprise when we went – it’s pretty funny to see everyone wearing them 🙂 That one we went to (I think it has a pretty yellow building in the background?) was nice – remember that?

    • TOTALLY pricey…..yes…the swimming caps makes you feel like it is 1963 all over again. In France, instead of the caps, they require that boys and men wear speedos. ha, ha, ha, ha…Isn’t that funny?

  5. I was spoiled having my own pool off and on in the US and have never got used to the idea of public pools except on holiday. Fortunately, it doesn’t get (and stay) hot enough here in the NL to long for a swimming pool, though there are some around town. 🙂

    • Hi Alison! YES….just how are you dealing with the lack of summer? You are from the south! It was so cold in Amsterdam! Yikes and lots of wind too. Do you miss hot summers?

  6. Nice! Although we’ve had a few pleasant days, summer hasn’t really got going yet here. It will be the longest day soon and yet it was only 12°C at lunch time today – not exactly lounging-around-swimming-pool weather 😉

    • Hi Graham…..well…I have to say that even in Italy, we can have cold summers. (Cold for a girl from Texas). But last year it truly was raining and cold all summer long. This year has been fab (so far).

  7. Oh I wish I could take a plunge into that swimming pool! Plenty of useful information here dear Diana. Here in the UK the weather is on and off as always. I need the summer! Hope all is good with you. Enjoy the heat 🙂

    • Hi Alida! Yes…European summers are kind of strange. One day warm, one day all rainy and COLD. We were in Amsterdam for a few days and it was so cold and windy! Gosh! In Texas? Summer starts in May and finishes in October. Too hot in fact….but at least you can count on sun and heat. 🙂

  8. Would like to jump into all of these swimming pools right now!
    Starting to be summer here in Norway as well! And I love to go to the pools 😀

    • YAY!!! Enjoy those pools Hanne! I guess you will have a big weather change now that you have moved back to Norway!

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