How My Kitchen REALLY Looks When I Cook

So when I post recipes, I always include a photo of the finished product.  Usually something like this photo above.  And sometimes I even include pics of how to prepare the recipe with a set of photos similar to the group below.  But the reality? Just take a look at the next three photos.  The very last one is my favorite.  I mean, what on earth happened there?  And the weird thing is that I kind of consider myself an organized cook.  I try to put stuff up as I go, but yet, I still manage to have flour all over the kitchen and myself.  My dream is to be like one of those cooks on Food Network.  Have a look at Giada below.  So calm, cool and collected – AND CLEAN!



choc mess 3

choc. mess


35 Comments on “How My Kitchen REALLY Looks When I Cook

  1. Aren’t there sayings like, A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen. Or a messy kitchen is a sign of a good cook. Something like that, right? That’s what I like to tell myself, anyway. 🙂

    • errrr….ok…..I guess that will work….still….I try to keep things so organized and put stuff away…and keep things under control….still…it is always a mess…especially when I bake (I think because I don’t know what I am doing)

  2. by the way I think the first two look fine! 🙂 I think the first one esp is Food Network worthy – nothing’s out of place – just piles of tidy prep work. You can totally give Giada a run for her money. 🙂

    • ha, ha, ha….errrrr….I guess lyn…but there was stuff ALL OVER THE PLACE that day…I think it looks better in the pic than it did in real life…:)

  3. I love your honesty Diana! But take heart, I am worse. Not only is there no more counterspace left that isn’t sticky, but I have to mop the floor after each baking/cooking session. And, to top it off, we had company over for dinner and I came out of the kitchen (finally) to sit down with everyone. My hubby reached over and touched my face…”what’s that?” I had a big white flour mustache! Geesh…

  4. I love your tidiness. you are more spick and span than you think. Although I have the same dream as yours 😉 Wearing a nice dress in the kitchen and cooking..Haha

  5. My kitchen is absolutely the same! It’s like I have to mop up afterwards to get everything clean. I have always, always been known for dirtying the kitchen and using “way too many” pans (though really, I only use what I have to! Just happens to be a lot…)

    • Hi Diana! I know…..why so many pots, pans and dishes needed to make make ONE meal?..or in my case…one CAKE!??!! I can’t bake very well – so I always make a huge mess when attempting a cake.

  6. It’s good to see the behind the scenes definitely. Those incredibly polished and stylised photos of food that we have become used to seeing don’t reflect the often messy reality of cooking (and in my case, with a toddler in tow). I’d like to do post one day on what it’s really like to cook and eat at a table with a little one…

  7. Making a mess makes the food taste better…..doesn’t it? That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it! I tend to bake several different things at a time because-well if you are surrounded by pasticcio anyways, why not make a really BIG mess?

    • Yes…I guess…..I just dream about being all organized and neat and clean….maybe it is just that she looks so relaxed….but ha, ha, ha, ha…I guess she is – as you mention…she has the crew to help her clean! Who wouldn’t be relaxed?

  8. Love this post!! You should see mine! It is just the way it is when you cook. I must confess that sometimes now my husband cleans in order to be able to “move around” the kitchen. Eating out could be a good solution! Ciao!

    • Hi Alida….you and Fae have such hubbies! Mine is nice too, but when I am in the kitchen he is kinda scared and just stays away. 🙂

  9. Hahah, love this post! I have to admit that my kitchen is much worse than this when I first cook. I like when people dare to show this a bit more messy side of them 🙂

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