Recipe – Four Recipes For Leftover Panettone

In Italy, we often have lots of leftover panettone after Christmas. The question is – what to do with it all?


Many years ago, back in Texas, I brought a panettone as a gift for my friend’s parents. My friend’s mother, promptly unwrapped my panettone, sliced it, toasted it, buttered it up and served it to her husband. His response?  “That is the BEST raisin toast I have ever had.” Hmmmm…raisin toast? My friend’s parents thought I gave them raisin bread as a gift?  Anyway….the point of the story is that I had never seen panettone served in such a way. And I admit that I also tried out this new way of eating it, and it was fantastic.

So, apart from the classic cut and serve and buttered raisin toast that my friend’s dad came up with, what other ways can you make it?  I did a little search and it turns out there are lots of creative ways to prepare this holiday sweet bread.

I tried Giada’s trifle – it is pictured here and it was yummy – but then again, who doesn’t love booze soaked sweet bread covered in chocolate and mascarpone? 

 If breakfast is more your thing – try using panettone for your french toast.

Another idea is bread pudding. The BBC published a recipe that I will probably be trying out later this week. If you really want to go nuts, try adding some Nutella to that bread pudding.

So there you have it, fab options for your excess Italian sweet bread. But what if you want to attempt making the actual panettone on your own?  This was the first year I tried and I was so excited when it came out!  Baking is not my forte, so I was surprised. Below is the recipe and video I used. The recipe is in English (errr…mostly – he slips into a bit of Italian). The video is in Italian, but I think it very helpful to get a visual of what he is doing.

Now I am off to start preparing dinner for tomorrow. Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday!


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42 Comments on “Recipe – Four Recipes For Leftover Panettone

  1. Have a fab Christmas Diana! Bread and butter pudding is extremely popular here and also buttered toasted panettone is often served in cafes.
    Going back to the kitchen now… It is never ending!! Bacioni e buone feste!

  2. Love all the various ways to use panettone. A great way to extend the holidays. Find my favorites are made with Sorelle Nurzia Panettone @

  3. I’ve made bread and butter pudding to use up leftover panettone and pandoro. Like the idea of French Toast too. My nonna also used leftover pieces to make zuccotto with a gelato filling. So many things you could do really. I’m a bug fan of upcycling!

  4. Hahaha I was literally just starting at the panettone I bought myself realising that it’s way too much… Love the idea of the french toast for slightly older and more dried out panettone! Buon natale 🙂

  5. I e always wanted to make my own panettone and I even have the paper-I’ll have to check out the video. My favourite way to ‘use up’ panettone is French toast with fresh ricotta and a drizzle of vino cotto or maple syrup. Yum. Buon Natale, Cristina

    • Hi Cristina….yes…I was super excited to have made it on my own….it came out pretty good! The video is super helpful for understanding how the consistency should be …

    • ha, ha, ha…you liyndas sticking together……and yes…I was totally excited about doing it myself….

  6. Love this idea! I’m going to make it today for my family. Thanks Diana for such a nice desert for our Christmas dinner. 🎄😊

    • Hi Mani! Yes…it came out so nice! I was excited….first time I tried that and making the panettone……

  7. Your blog is so hard for me to read because everything about it just makes me want to go back to Italy to eat and see and learn even more!

  8. I am not a big fan of Pannetone as it is, but always buy one to make these lovely things, especially bread and butter pudding. A trifle is a fine idea too… may unwrap it now.

    • Hi Francesca…..yes…I know a lot of people who don’t care for it…..but the bread pudding is to die for….it is really a great option for the panettone….

    • Hi Sue!!!! Ha, ha, ha…..yes…I admit that trifle came out so yum……happy new year to y’all….

  9. What a wonderful idea! I love panettone, so when I bought it usually we (oh me) finished it right away..but this recipe could be a great idea for the next Christmas 😉

    • Sorry for the delay in responding! But anyway…yes…next xmas give it a shot for sure…super easy and very good! Take care…

    • Hi Sophie! gosh…I have been totally MIA for a few months….but anyway…..back to that dad…well…no…he is an astronaut. (or was…he is retired)….so I just agreed with him….”yes…GREAT raisin toast” 🙂

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