Hot Spots for Hot Chocolate in Milan

Where to get hot chocolate in Milan.

I wrote a post about how to make your own Italian-style hot chocolate at home. Yummy, soul soothing and totally satisfying ganache…oh…I mean hot chocolate. But let’s face it, the Italian version IS basically like drinking a cup of ganache. It is rich and thick and to “drink” it, you need a spoon.

Hot Chocolate in Milan

If you happen to find yourself in Milan during the winter months,  make sure to take a break and indulge in a cup of cioccolata calda.

Where to go? Have a look below.

Hot Chocolate in Milan, cafe in Italy


Yes….the same name as the movie and if you remember, at the end Johnny Depp’s character reveals his favorite form of chocolate – hot chocolate!

This modern cafe’ is located right down the street from the Cadorna train station and is able to pull off the contemporary yet cozy look.

Here you can order a classic hot chocolate or for the more adventurous types try adding a flavor such as ginseng and chilli. This shop also offers other chocolate goodies like gelato, truffles and cakes. Yes, you read that right, gelato. The Italians generally don’t eat gelato during the cold months and most gelaterias actually close during the winter. So if you have a craving for ice cream instead of hot chocolate, this is the place for you!

Chocolat, via Boccaccio 9, Milan,

Marchesi 1824
Hot Chocolate in Italy, Cafe

Marchesi 1824

Hot chocolate with a view. Enjoy your sweet treat in this classic institution while people watching from above. This place oozes traditional Milanese elegance.

As the name suggests, this artisan cafe’ has been around since 1824 at its original location on Via Santa Maria alla Porta. Since then they added two more locations including the one in the Galleria.

Make sure to check out their shop to bring some treats back home. They carry pretty much anything with sugar: jams, candies, chocolates. They are also known for their outstanding panettone and pandoro.

Marchesi 1824, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan and other locations, 

Hot Chocolate in Italy, Italian Cafe

Venchi via Daniel Dionne

Venchi is a chocolate lover’s paradise. It is a chain that originated in Turin but don’t let the chain aspect of Venchi lead you to believe quality could somehow be lacking. There is a reason this place has been in business for 141 years.

From a chocolate perspective, they are really known for their hazelnut and chocolate paste. Hmmmm….that sounds familiar doesn’t it? A bit like that famous spread Nutella? Well, Nutella came about years later using the Turinese chocolate makers’ tradition of mixing hazelnuts in with their chocolate which actually started in an effort to deal with limited supplies of cocoa during the Napoleonic war. This mixture was and is still called gianduia (aka gianduja) and although it is similar to Nutella  – the two cannot really be compared. High-end gianduia contains at least 50 percent hazelnuts whereas Nutella has only about 13 percent.

Suffice it to say that if the folks at Venchi could come up with the inspiration for Nutella – well – clearly they make a mean cup of hot chocolate.

Venchi, Via dei Mercanti 21, Milan and other locations.

Where to get hot chocolate in Milan.


Cioccolatitaliani is another chain, but unlike Venchi, it has only been around since 2009. They like to use the word “Chocology” to describe their approach to the world of chocolate.

They have every kind of hot chocolate you can imagine, white, dark, milk with all kinds of flavors. They also add it to their coffees just in case you are in the mood for a java chocolate. And if you just need a straight shot of melted chocolate….well…they have that too. Yes, melted chocolate served in a glass. It is definitely the place to get your cocoa fix for the day, or maybe even the week!

Cioccolatitaliani, Via Torino 60, Milan and other locations.

Where to get hot chocolate in Milan.


Adorable Biancolatte is the perfect place to enjoy hot chocolate on a cold and rainy or even snowy day in Milan. Its country kitchen feel should be enjoyed because it can be difficult to find a cafe with this kind of coziness in super trendy and modern Milan. Having said that, if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to linger – no worries because they will give you hot chocolate to go!  Yippe!  This excites me because in Italy, take away drinks?  Yeah…not gonna happen.

Biancolatte, Via Filippo Turati, 30, Milan

Farage Cioccolato
Where to get hot chocolate in Milan.

Farage Cioccolato via Facebook

Hot chocolate with fresh raspberries?  Yes, please! Enjoy this decadent dessert and other fun cookies and cakes at this beautiful cafe in the heart of Brera. If you are into white chocolate, you are in luck because hot white chocolate is on the menu. They also sell their hot chocolate powder so you can make your own at home.

Farage Cioccolato, Via Brera 5, Milan

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Where to Go for Hot Chocolate in Milan

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    • Hi Cristina!!!! Yes….let me know when you are in town and we can go together!

  1. Wish I were in Milan today! Although that said, it would be difficult to choose where to have a hot chocolate, and I am sure more than one a day will be impossible.

  2. Thank you for providing me yet one more reason to visit Italy in the wintertime! Your hot chocolate images look so delicious I wish I could taste them right now.

    • Wintertime is one of my favorite times in Italy…highly recommended!

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