Italy During Lockdown

Italy remains on lockdown until at least May 3rd. A few days before the country asked us all to stay home, we were in Venice where things were already very quiet. Below are some pics of that time – around March 6th. The gondolieri were out but had no business. It was the same situation for most cafès and restaurants. In fact, we made a quick coffee stop at the historical, Caffè Florian. It was a little sad that it was almost empty, but at the same time, kind of fun hanging with the Venetians. They were talking about all the hardships Venice has seen over the years including the dramatic floods of late 2019. But they also talked about the several plagues that the city survived ranging from the 1300s to the 1600s. Those folks are so full of resolve!

So here are some photos of that day painting a pretty clear pic of what was to come when the true lockdown was announced.

Empty St. Mark’s SquareVenice during Corona


Venice during Coronavirus

Venice during Corona
Gondolieri all alone, with an excess of gondolasVenice during Coronavirus
Venice during Coronavirus
Venice during Coronavirus
Venice during Coronavirus
Quiet canals – and perfect for learning the ropes
Venice during Coronavirus

Venice during Coronavirus

Venice during Coronavirus

Empty restaurants and cafésVenice during Coronavirus
Venice during Coronavirus

Venice during Coronavirus

Awesome views I would have never otherwise been able to see

The views in the pics below can be seen from the luxury shopping center, DFS aka The Fondaco dei Tedeschi. This building was once a trading post for German merchants and later became a post office (pretty fancy for a post office!). It was first built in 1228 and was rebuilt in the 1500s after being destroyed in a fire. The rooftop views are amazing and access is free but reservations are suggested. You can make reservations online here. Even with the reservation, there is a waiting room. It is the big empty room I took a picture of. The security guard said that room is always full. The day we went, we had no reservation and the room was empty.Venice during Coronavirus

Venice during Coronavirus

Venice during Coronavirus

So that is what Venice looked like shortly before total lockdown. For what things actually look like in Italy right now, below you can click on the photos below and you will be connected to a webcam showing the stillness of the old country. It will be nice to monitor these webcams to see the cities slowly come back to life once the restrictions are lifted.

Rome – the crystal waters of the Trevi Fountain – so oddly peacefulItaly during coronavirus
Rome – Piazza NavonaItaly during corona virus
Venice – Piazza San Marco
Milan – Piazza del Duomo
Amalfi Coast – beach in Positano
Puglia – the boardwalk in Otranto
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22 Comments on “Italy During Lockdown

  1. Thank you for the insight into Italian life…I especially loved seeing the webcams and plan to check in periodically to see the life come back to these wonderful places. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Kathy! Thanks for the visit…I love those webcams too! Especially the ones with any kind of water…..kinda peaceful!

  2. Wonderful post. Heartbreaking to see some of my favorite places with no signs of life. From this side of the Atlantic, we wish you and your family well. Be safe and be healthy

    • Hi John! Thanks for your message….it is strange isn’t it? Best thing we can do right now is be patient. Thanks again for your kind words and thoughts…take care!

  3. Beautiful photos. It’s surreal to see things so empty but as you mentioned peaceful.

    • Hi Julie! Yes….I really like the webcams too…..there is something oddly calming about them. Hope you are doing well….sending big hugs from across the pond!

  4. The first (and still only) time I went to Venice was on Epiphany. We didn’t really think about it until we got there and realized most restaurants, etc., were closed (in 2001). The city looked fairly similar to these photos as there were very few people about. It was actually a nice day to visit, other than not getting to go to a restaurant we’d really wanted to visit.

    I’ve seen some videos of Piazza Maggiore here in Bologna and it’s strange to see the city so empty. I’m still getting used to our part of the city being so quiet, other than lines at the grocery store. I kind of wish I could venture out further while walking the dog, both for the exercise and the views with no one around.

    • Hey there!! Me too! We would love to check things out….but are sticking to the rules. Just patiently waiting things out……sending you guys good vibes…hang in there!

  5. I hope you all are still safe and well. Italy is in my thoughts every day! The photos of Venice are so beautiful but also haunting. What a fantastic and thoughtful idea to share the webcams, thank you. Sharing on FB. My wishes to you all to stay well! ❤

    • Hey there! Thanks for your message. Hope you are doing well too! Looking forward to the 4th. Anyway..thanks for sharing too! Buona domenica!

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