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Six Fabulous beaches in Italy

Six Fabulous Beaches in Italy

A few weeks ago I listed some ways to cool off in the city by visiting a pool.  But if you are willing to travel a little bit more, you can find some of the most beautiful beaches… Read More

Five Panoramic Views of Milan

  Milan is a working town.  It is a busy place and is going to get busier in about one day with the EXPO 2015 opening.  Why not get away from the crowds below and enjoy some peace… Read More

Food Rules in Italy – 8 Commandments to Follow

Yes, it is true, food DOES rule in Italy. But one must also FOLLOW the food rules in Italy as well. Here below are some of the standard rules to help you avoid getting into trouble with the… Read More

Go and Explore!

You know how life is sometimes?  You settle into a routine?  A routine at work.  A routine for meals.   A travel routine.  A daily routine.