Italy Translated

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I have not done a music post in a while, and today I thought I would focus on great Italian music found in the movies.  Most of the songs here are classics, and when put together with great visuals, they can make you love the song even more. Read More

This weekend I saw a movie in which  Vanessa Paradis stars.  She covered of a beautiful, classic Neapolitan song played at the end of the film.  I specify this song as “Neapolitan” because it is sung in the dialect from Naples.  Read More

Summer is serious stuff in Italy.  I mean really serious stuff.  Everyone is happy and excited about going on vacation.

Read More

Just a few songs I am liking at the moment. Read More

Italy’s answers to cheesy love songs from the 70’s like:  “You’re in My Heart” by Rod Stewart or “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel, except these are really not that cheesy and kind of nice.  Well…ok….poor Rod and Billy….I guess their songs are nice too…just kinda dated.  Oh my gosh!  I guess I am kind of dating myself!  Right?????  I am having some serious doubts my younger sisters will know those songs above. Read More

Today is all about Jovanotti (real name:  Lorenzo Cherubini)

I guess I would be hard pressed to find anyone that does not like this guy.  He has been around a long time.   I love the ease in his voice when he sings.  I love his sincere and uplifting lyrics.   Here are a few of his songs I like (working backwards – from more recent to older). Read More

Zucchero – “Wonderful Life”
This is a cover of Black’s song released in 1987. I love the video! Read More

I love this song…her sweet voice, the piano opening.  Also…the word are fab….a few snippets below:
Quando guardo il cielo cerco te
Distrattamente guardo il cielo e cerco te Read More