My name is Diana.  I was born and raised in Texas and am currently living in Northern Italy, about 10 minutes from the Swiss border.  We moved From Austin about seven years ago, but it feels more like one year ago.

I would like to share my Italian experiences with you.  Many of these moments have been lessons in learning how to slow down and enjoy life a little bit more, after all, Italians ARE the masters at including pleasure in every aspect of their lives, but sometimes all this pleasure making comes at the expense of things like convenience and efficiency.

But back to pleasure.    I want to share my tiny piece of my daily life in the bel paese.…including travel tips, recipes, music and all other things Italian.

I hope to hear from you as well!  Please comment!  I love feedback.

I am dedicating my first post to my sister, Lynda.  She encouraged me to start this blog and you can find her at:

me and lyn


9 Comments on “Ciao!

  1. good luck with your blog and props on the design ;). I love a good, clean blog! I look forward to reading more of your posts

  2. Only you would say making limoncello was easy! Are you kidding??!! How do you a peel a lemon? That is why it is said that patience is a virtue.
    I will add it to the list of things I would like for you to make for me next time I viist.
    Love you!

    • You are so sweet!!! YES…next time we get together….we will make a big batch of limoncello!!! Love you too!

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