Language Lunedi’ – The Weather

There has been a lot of weather talk going on in my family lately.  There is my sister in NYC, us here, another sis in Dubai and yet another sis deep in the heart of Texas 🙂

Oddly enough they got snow in Texas a week ago…or…ok…maybe some frost…but still….classes were canceled at all the schools for this “snow day.”  Meanwhile my sis in NYC is a human popsicle.  Yesterday, it was like spring here even though we live about 2 seconds from the Alps and  my sis in the desert got some rain a week or two ago.

So let’s talk about the weather in Italian.  Below are some standard weather phrases:

Che tempo fa?          How’s is the weather?

Fa bello.                    It’s nice weather.

Fa brutto.                 It’s bad weather.

Fa freddo.                It is cold.

Fa caldo.                  It is hot.

So let me point out a few things.  We use the verb “to be”  to describe the weather.  It IS nice.  However, some weather expressions like the ones used above are formed with the verb fare (to do, to make) to describe the weather.  Fa is the 3rd person singular conjugation.

Here are some weather expressions that are made by using other combinations:

Piove.                     It is raining.

Nevica.                  It is snowing.


C’e’ il sole.  It is sunny.  (Literally:  There is the sun.)


C’e’ la nebbia. It is foggy.  (Literally:  There is the fog.)


E’ nuvoloso. It is cloudy.

2012-09-12 19.47.27

Ok….today’s lesson…short and sweet.  By they way…all of these pics are the same view…the one from my bedroom window…obviously I am loving this view and am in awe of nature.  This world we live in… is beautiful!

11 Comments on “Language Lunedi’ – The Weather

  1. I Love your bedroom’s view, it looks the best place in the world for a long and relaxing nap!!!
    BTW…che tempo fa oggi?

    Grazie mille 🙂

  2. Tuti le tempo fa beloo…!? (how to say it correctly?) Thank you for your time, Diana! Gratie! In bocca il lupo!!! I like it and started to speak with our guests from Italy in Italian…

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  4. What a great idea to take pictures from your window but in different weathers! Love it! 🙂


    • Hi Raquel….thanks…..well….I admit that I love our view, and it always makes for a pretty background…even when it is raining! Thanks for stopping by!

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