Italy Translated

Language Lunedi’ – The Home

Having just moved of course I packed at least 1000 boxes and during this process, I discovered one of my favorite Italian words was “soggiorno” which means living room. I guess there is something about the double “g’s.”… Read More

Language Lunedi’ – The Dreaded Re-entry

This past weekend and maybe the upcoming weekend (for rebels looking to vacation right up until the last-minute), is known as the “rientro.” When using this word as it relates to vacation, it would mean, “returning home” or… Read More

Language Lunedi’ – The Seasons

Fall is here – and I admit (to every Italian’s horror) that it is my favorite time of year. Maybe it has something to do with growing up in Texas where boiling hot summers lasts for at LEAST… Read More

Language Lunedi’ – Telling Time

This seems like an easy lesson right?  And it is, but keep in mind that Italians typically express time using the 24 hour clock (military time) as opposed to a 12 hour clock. Let’s begin with some standard… Read More

Language Lunedi’ – The Weather

There has been a lot of weather talk going on in my family lately.  There is my sister in NYC, us here, another sis in Dubai and yet another sis deep in the heart of Texas 🙂 Oddly… Read More

Language Lunedi’ – False Friends

False friends within languages happen when words from two languages seem the same but have different meanings. Sometimes the confusion can be a little embarrassing.

Language lunedi’

Every Monday (lunedi’) I will offer a short lesson in Italian. (*Italians do not capitalize the days of the week) Italian is a phonetic language, meaning you pronounce the letters as you see them.  Of course there are… Read More