Verona in Love

Could anything be more romantic than spending Valentine’s Day in Verona, home to star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet?  Sure it might seem a little too obvious, but that is a good thing.  Valentine’s Day is all about being obvious on the subject of love.  Just a 90 minute train ride from Milan or Venice, Verona makes for a nice side trip from either location or even a destination on its own.  If you choose to spend a few days in Verona, you might want to take in some wine tasting in Soave or Valpolicella as well.

Romeo_and_Juliet_(detail)_by_Frank_DickseeBut back to Valentine’s Day.  Verona does it up big.  Of course they do…this is an ITALIAN town….and Italians love love.  The “Verona in Love” event lasts for several days and includes a street market in the shape of a heart, the ability to leave virtual love messages via a special app you can download, live concerts, a reading of love letters from around the world, discounts to some of the city’s most romantic attractions and more.  See below for the official website.

If you will not be in Verona for Valentine’s Day, that is ok because the city is always full of romance.  Below are some of the main attractions for your visit!

Piazza Bra:  You hit this piazza immediately after entering the city gates.  Wide open, this square makes you feel free after passing through  its medieval city wall.  To the right you will see the Arena di Verona and to the left outdoor cafes and restaurants where you can sit and do a little people watching of well dressed, elegant Italians. The Arena looks like a mini Colosseum and was built in AD 30.    The Arena is still in use today where one can see operatic productions from June  – September.  See below for more info on the opera season.

Piazza Bra

Piazza Bra

verona arena


Walk from Piazza Bra to Juliet’s balcony on the pink limestone pedestrian street of Via Mazzini.  Here you can do a little window shopping and some real shopping.  There are high-end boutiques on this street, and also the affordable, but ever so stylish Italian shops as well.

Juliet’s Balcony and The Wall of Love:   From Via Mazzini, take a right onto Via Cappello and soon you will find yourself at the courtyard of Juliet’s “balcony.”  Some are unimpressed with the balcony, disappointed and maybe expecting something more grand or thinking it is a bit cheesy.    I like the fact that it is simple and unassuming.  And I like the clichéd romance about it.   The balcony represents an idea of love.

In the courtyard you will also find “The Wall of Love,” where visitors have left their messages of love on notes or written directly on the walls of the interior of the courtyard.

Ok, it is true that this place was created to attract tourists, but how can one not be moved by the tender messages or the idea of Juliet up on that balcony?   I like to think of her there dreaming and looking for Romeo down below.  I mean…who doesn’t want to stand on their balcony only to see their beloved below smiling sweetly back at them?  Wow….what a scene!


Juliet’s Balcony

verona wall of love

Wall of Love

Piazza delle Erbe:  From Juliet’s house, walk on Via Cappello heading back to the direction of Via Mazzini, pass via Mazzini and you will find Piazza delle Erbe.  Once you arrive at this Roman square, take it all in:  the medieval yet still solid buildings, the cafes and the markets selling romance.  (Ok…they are really selling souvenirs, but come on, you are in the city of Romeo and Juliet.)

Lamberti Tower:  Construction on this tower began in 1172 with additions and restorations taking place all the way up to 1779. Here you can take the stairs or an elevator (for a small fee) to get some great views of the city from 275 feet.

Ponte Pietra:  Cross the Adige river on this historic bridge.  The Romans built this bridge, but it was destroyed many times due to floods and war, only to be rebuilt a final time in 1959.  The night views are particularly special, twinkling lights from the city reflecting off the Adige add to the dreamy feel of the ancient bridge.

verona ponte

Ponte Pietra

Roman Theater:  Across Ponte Pietra there is a Roman Theater that faces the Adige and like the Arena also holds summer performances.  This theater is set up on a hill so the views of the city and the river make for a picturesque backdrop.


Roman Theater

Piazzale Castel San Pietro:  To reach this castle you must climb some small stairs from the Roman Theater or take a car or public transportation.  Originally built as a strategic position to control the Adige, now it offers visitors a relaxing escape from the city below along with an opportunity for panoramic photo ops of the city below.

verona view

View from Castle

Practical Information:

Opera performances:

Verona in Love Event:

Photo Attributions:

Piazza Bra:  by Rinina25

Arena:  Vuvueffino

Juliet’s Balcony:  Vivaverdi

Wall of Love:  Jakub Martyński

Ponte Pietra: Jakub Hałun

Roma Theater:  MM

Castle: Espt123

13 Comments on “Verona in Love

    • I know!!! I am still impressed you could do that trip WITHOUT the navigator! I guess that is what sticks in my mind the most about your trip there! 🙂

  1. Probably some other place could be more romantic, being that Romeo and Juliet died and whatnot. Not to be a downer or anything but fictionally, it really happened.

    • Well…yes…it is a downer that they died in the end. But I guess the fact that they wanted so badly to be together is the romantic part for me. Sometimes the tragic love stories are the ones that really stay with us.

  2. Wow! That IS the city of love. I love the “heart” shaped market. I want to see an opera in the Arena one day. We were there with Drake and Joan years ago-I loved Verona. I remember we had just finished a wonderful dinner/wine sitting outside on a warm summer night and we came across the CUTEST ladies-probably in their 70’s–dressed so cute–getting on their little scooters after dinner-right in the middle of all the restaurants, shops-Drake approached them because they were just so fabulous and full of life-come to find out one was an American who had lived in Italy for quite a long time and the other was her best friend-Italian. Loving life!

    • I remember how much y’all loved it there! It is still just as fabulous. And you know…last year I did my half marathon there!!! Hopefully I can do the full marathon this year…..anyway….Verona is a classic ANY time of year!

  3. What a wonderful city! Your descriptions brought back memories of Wayne and I visiting it 11 years ago. We were there are first day and night in Italy. We thought it was beautiful, romantic and picturesque. We had an incredible dinner, wine and walk around the city. They were preparing for a show in the Coliseum, but we were not able to go to it. I’d love to go back…maybe when you and Wayne are doing the marathon!

    • Gosh Kath! I forgot y’all went there! I am glad you got to see it…it is one of my favorite italian towns…yes…the marathon…..if it do that thing…it will be ONCE and never again! 🙂

  4. I must say although I have always lived fairly close to Verona I have never been there for Valentine. I entirely agree with you here, this is such a romantic city and so beautiful too. I love your photos…they make me homesick!

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