Today is all about Jovanotti (real name:  Lorenzo Cherubini)

I guess I would be hard pressed to find anyone that does not like this guy.  He has been around a long time.   I love the ease in his voice when he sings.  I love his sincere and uplifting lyrics.   Here are a few of his songs I like (working backwards – from more recent to older).

“Baciami Ancora” (Kiss Me Again) – Love, love, love this video!  I want to hang out with those people too!

“Per Te”  (For You) – Is this the sweetest song EVER?  He wrote this lullaby for his baby daughter.  He talks about all the beautiful things in this world that are just for her:  the fun shapes of the clouds, going downtown on Saturday, the red color of strawberries, the different colors of the leaves, the pens of poets and the voices of singers.  The simple things in life.  I love the simple things in life.  What a touching gift for his daughter.  The video is basically a home movie of him, his wife and their baby.

“Piove”  (Rain) – well….if you remember our language lesson about the weather, you will recall piove means rain. And I just love rainy days and also love this song.  (Wait – NORMALLY I love the rain…but maybe at this point I am a little tired of the rain…non- stop for weeks!)

“Ragazzo Fortunato”  (Lucky Guy) – who is not going to feel good after hearing this song?  My favorite line:  “Sei bella come il sole.”  “You are beautiful like the sun.”  Gosh…what a nice thing to say to someone!  Ok, yes, the video is so dated….but it is fun to watch.

“Gente della Notte” – He sings about ‘the people of the night.’  People who are out and about at night while everyone else is sleeping.  He sings about how much easier things are: no traffic, life is more relaxed, everything looks better as compared with the light of day.  He talks about people who have unusual jobs that require them to work at night such as:  bartenders, drug dealers, policemen, prostitutes, truck drivers, pastry chefs (my personal favorite ), journalists, etc…

He was a DJ working the nocturnal shift, so he himself was a person of the night as well!

I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to Jovanotti!

photo of muscial note:  wiki

7 Comments on “Musica

  1. Love him! I think I told you he was here in Austin at ACL Fest 2 years ago and we missed him!!!! We were so sad!

    • Sheri! I TOTALLY forgot about him performing in Austin!!! Maybe he will come again!!! 🙂 Jovanotti in Austin….that thought brings such a smile to my face!

  2. Yea Lorezo is ok but Renato Zero really rule…try is the best Italian composer!

    • Well…what can I say Yajo? Renato is not my favorite…and it is all the fault of harry potter….Renato reminds me of the mean professor….and if it were not for that, I am SURE I would just LOVE good ol’ Renato…..

  3. Thank you for this Diana! I have always liked him! I was a teenager when he became really popular. I remember I got a tape in the 80s with all his songs. He has changed a great deal, his style is different. Still a really good singer!
    PS: I come from Udine so close to where you dad was!

    • Yes….his style has changed a lot….ha, ha, ha….I loved that song….”io No”. A complete departure from the stuff he does now.

      Udine! I have NEVER been there! Maybe on my next trip to Trieste, I will try to get by there!

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