Language Lunedi’ – Tech Talk

Well, the real reason today’s language lesson is tech talk is only because I heard this word on the radio this morning:


Ha, ha, ha, ha….I laughed a lot at that word, because I was half asleep and was not sure I heard correctly, also because it was a serious news station my husband was listening to.  Tweetato?  Really?  This would be the past participle of tweet.  Tweetato=Tweeted.  I guess it sounds ridiculous in English too….but I don’t know….it was just so funny to hear that word!

So it got me thinking about some Italianized English tech words, and in addition I have included some actual Italian computer related words you may need on your next visit to Italy.

click                             clicca (Again, it is right up there with tweetato.  This sounds just like click only it ends with an “a” and now it is all Italian sounding.  You know how you are tempted to do that with EVERY English word when you go to places like Mexico, Spain, Italy?  Just add a vowel to the end of an English word and somehow the locals are going to magically understand you?  Well here is your chance to make that dream a reality!)

email                           mail  (typically accompanied with the article, so:  l’mail, plural:  le mail – but it should be pronounced like this: l’maaiiilllla)

to chat                         chattare (when I hear this word I think of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”)

print                            stampa (this could be included our “False Friends” discussion because it looks like stamp)

open                            apri

close                            chiudi

attachment               allegato

send                             invia

trash                            cestino (I love this word, it sounds so much cuter than:  TRASH)

delete                          cancella (think:  to cancel)

website                        sito web

10 Comments on “Language Lunedi’ – Tech Talk

    • I KNOW! Isn’t that the funniest thing? And once again…it was a serious news station….kind of like NPR. Ok…not AS serious as NPR…..but still!….ha, ha, ha….it just sounded so funny – especially in my half asleep mode.

    • I know! When I woke up and asked hubby if I heard correctly…he said….”yes….of course….I mean….tweet can also be conjugated: tweeto, tweeti, tweetiamo, etc…” ha, ha, ha…he is so funny sometimes!

  1. Tweetado is a great one:) We have the same thing happening in Norway where there is no good translation and we end up with a ‘norwenglish’ translation:)

    • Yes…I guess every language is going to put their own spin on the techie words….they are fun and funny to hear in other languages for sure!

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