Italy’s answers to cheesy love songs from the 70’s like:  “You’re in My Heart” by Rod Stewart or “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel, except these are really not that cheesy and kind of nice.  Well…ok….poor Rod and Billy….I guess their songs are nice too…just kinda dated.  Oh my gosh!  I guess I am kind of dating myself!  Right?????  I am having some serious doubts my younger sisters will know those songs above.

ANYWAY, if you happen to know those cheesy songs, these songs are similar in nature.  Basically a man pledging his undying love to the woman of his life.

Ligabue – “Tu Sei Lei”

He is singing about how she is the only one for him – even after so many years and all of the people out there – she is it….his only one.

Jovanotti – “A Te”

You might recall Jovanotti from a few weeks back…clearly I love his songs!

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    • kukiki….thanks so much for your suggestion! Maybe I will do a Rome themed music post one of these days!

    • Well…I have to admit I do have a playlist of 70s music on my phone! 🙂 Who does not love the song “Dancy Queen?” Thanks for your comment! Have a good day! We finally have sun here!!!

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