Recipe – Orange Spremuta

Ok…..well the truth is, this is not REALLY a recipe, but maybe more of a suggestion.  A spremuta is just fresh squeezed juice.  In this case, I have made it with oranges.

I have such a difficult time trying to get my kids to eat enough fruit and veggies and with one glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, they are getting TWO pieces of fruit!  No preservatives, not additives.  Have you ever looked at the carton of juice you give your family?  What are the ingredients?  And even if it is 100% juice, how was it prepared and how long has it been sitting there?

If you have a decent juicer (I have a Braun Multiquick – thank you Lynda!), it takes no time to make fresh juice, and my kids actually like to help!



10 oranges (2 oranges will make one glass of juice, 10 about a quart)



1.  Cut oranges in half.

2.  Adjust juicer to desired amount of pulp.

3.  Take orange half and press over juicer.

4.  Transfer juice to pitcher or container and serve!

*You can add a little sugar if you find the taste to sour.


On another orange note, here is my favorite perfume – Orange Sanguine.  If you truly want to smell like those oranges you just cut up, check out this perfume!  I feel like spring with a dash of summer when I am wearing this scent!  Atelier Cologne. 




2 Comments on “Recipe – Orange Spremuta

  1. I love this! OK-I need to get one of these juicers. I am actually sitting her craving a glass of orange juice. Cold, fresh. I also love the sound of this perfume. I wonder if I can get it here in the States? I was just thinking of my favorite summer perfume-Calyx–I have not bought it for myself in years, but when I wore it, someone always made a comment about how wonderful it was and that it smelled like “summer”! Very citrus smelling!
    thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Sheri! I KNOW! I love my little juicer…sooo easy to use! And for the perfume! YES! I think you can get it in the States now! There was a time when Umberto would get it for me when he was in Paris. (ha, ha, ha….so “la ti da” right???) Anyway…I met the woman who actually started the company when I went with him on one trip…she was just too cute. They have a bunch of other fab scents too. I am going to check out your perfume too.

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