Acqui Terme – Piedmont

Piedmont is known for its wine and food. It is after all where wines such as Barbera, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto are produced and also where the slow food movement began.  But in addition to eating fabulous meals and drinking some of Italy’s best wines, you can also hit the thermal baths in Acqui Terme. Only an hour and a half from Milan and an hour from towns such as Alba and Asti, Acqui is the perfect complement to a truffle hunting, wine tasting weekend.

The hot, sulphur waters found in Acqui have been enjoyed since Roman times. In fact, you can still see ruins of the aqueducts built by the Romans that dates back to the first century AD.

Aqui Terme Acqueducts

Aqui Terme Acqueducts

Aqui Terme Acqueducts

The waters here are rich in therapeutic properties. You can feel the hot water for yourself (165 degrees Fahrenheit) right in the main city square at the La Bollente (the boiling) fountain that is more of a marble monument than a fountain. But if you require more than just running the hot waters over your hands and want the real terme experience, you can try out one of the spa centers in the city and the various other spa options in town.

Aqui Terme Bollente

La Bollente Fountain

27 Comments on “Acqui Terme – Piedmont

  1. Oops – didn’t even realised you’d changed your blog name! Sorry for my shoddy attendance of late 🙂

    • I know Susan…I admit I am completely taken by the aqueducts….anywhere….that crazy park in Rome…but look at these! So beautiful and precise….

    • You gotta get there! You might like Premia (from a terme perspective)….way up there…but so pretty and very low key…..which I prefer to be honest. The town of Aqui was really beautiful and fun. We happened to be there the night they were having a town party. That place was nuts! Full of people and so festive. It was a great weekend.

    • Isn’t it beautiful? The water coming out of that thing was super hot. Very “cool.” ha, ha, ha…..

    • Hi Alida….yes…so much to do in Piemonte…..we had a lot of fun in this town. To be honest, it was just a stopping point for us on our way to Liguria…..we needed an inexpensive place to sleep and stumbled upon it. LOVE Italy for this! Who gets to “stumble upon” a place like this??? GORGEOUS! Love your country!

    • Well….next time you come, there are some other terme i REALLY want to check out…we can go together! 🙂

  2. Lugar de vista belissima. De encher os olhos. Fabuso. Um dia ainda sonho em conhecer este lugar.

  3. Looks like a beautiful places. And with good food and wine – what more can you ask for!? 🙂

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