Language Lunedi’ – The Seasons

Fall is here – and I admit (to every Italian’s horror) that it is my favorite time of year. Maybe it has something to do with growing up in Texas where boiling hot summers lasts for at LEAST five months. Also I am a little lazy and when it is sunny outside, I feel like I should be out. But when it is cool and cloudy? ย Time to get out vino, cuddle up on the couch and watch an old movie. It is like you have an excuse to be lazy and don’t have to feel guilty about it. And not only that – but what about the crisp air, red and orange trees, Halloween, Thanksgiving. What’s not to like?

Anyway, no matter what your favorite season, here is how to say the seasons in Italian along with cultural happenings during each time of year.

Fall – Autunno (See? It is even easy to remember, just like Autumn.)

Fun happenings:

Halloween is gaining in popularity and sadly – no Thanksgiving. But not to worry, there is always some kind of sagraย (festival) to attend. Think: ย Wine, cheese – basically fall is an eating fest. Told you it was a fab season.


Winter – Inverno

Fun happenings:

Natale (Christmas) – here many people get the whole week from Christmas to New Year’s (Capodanno) off. And if not, for sure work life is going to slow down. And don’t forget San Valentino (Valentine’s Day).

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Spring -Primavera

Fun happenings:

Of course I always associate Easter (Pasqua) with spring, even though it is often cold here for Easter. The day after Easter is called Pasquetta and it is also a holiday. The tradition is to picnic that day. (If it isn’t too cold of course).

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Summer – Estate

Fun happenings:

Errr – the entire season is a fun happening for the Italians and “estate” is the ONLY word you need during this time of year.

So what is your favorite season?

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27 Comments on “Language Lunedi’ – The Seasons

    • You know Graham…..I must admit that I do too. I mean, autumn will always hold a special place in my heart….but since living in Italy, I have truly come to enjoy all the seasons. I really welcome the warmth of spring and summer after a cold winter. “Winter” in Texas just was not that cold…so I was never excited to see summer. Anyhow…it is true that each season is special in its own way. Have a nice evening…

  1. Thats a tough question. Every season can be fun and provide different types of entertainment. I love Springtime though I think!

    • Hi Kathy! I know…I admit that since living here I really enjoy Spring more than I used to…..really like the return of the flowers and sunshine.

  2. Fall is my favourite time of year here in Aus and I have been lucky enough to enjoy it a few times in Italy

  3. I love fall coz I was born in no not just that ๐Ÿ˜‰ But otherwise too..its the best time of the year and makes me look forward to winters even more!

    • Hi Joy…see? It was like that in Texas too….very hot or spring-like. Here we have more well defined seasons which I really love….

    • I know Lyn! Love pulling out the cute scarves…and it is just a cozy time of year…..awwww….the snowy pic was from the first time in snowed in Milan……tram tracks in front of our house.

  4. I love autumn too. Not only do I love the colourful foliage but it’s also a great period for food! So many wonderful fruits and vegetables in season, so many sagre going on and there’s the harvest. In winter, I often find myself looking forward to summer and then it gets so hot that I wonder what the fuss was all about…

  5. Ahhh…I love the seasons, period! I love long warm summer days, fall foilage that blows my mind, winter white snow that makes me feel cozy, and spring….primavera! The promise of wonderful things to come. Great post, Diana…

  6. Fall is my favorite too! Wish it was longer.
    And who says there’s no Thanksgiving? There has been in this corner of Piemonte for several years now. And turkey is at every single one (though not cranberry sauce ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )!

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