Italy Translated

Many people are fearful of driving in Italy. I admit I was one of them. Growing up in Texas where we have lots of space, are overly hospitable and have something called lanes, I was terrified of driving in Milan. Not only are there cars on the streets in Milan, but people, cyclists, scooters and trains. Ok, they are really trams, but in my mind, having to compete with something riding along tracks when I don’t even have a lane, seems like a train. Read More


In Italy, “La Bella Figura” does not completely relate to having a beautiful body or figure, but it is somewhat linked.  La Bella Figura is an approach to life – a philosophy.   Read More

Jumping through hoops and lots of running around. Life is made up of both these things. So which is it?  Jumping or running?  For me, the question relates not only to life but also to a last name situation.

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With New Year’s right around the corner, in Italy that means the street markets and shops will be selling lots of red underwear. Here is a photo to help you get a feel for what I am talking about.

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If you are planning a trip to Italy, no doubt you will be stopping for a caffè. In Italy, a cafe is called a bar. As an American, when I hear the word “bar,” I think of a place to order a whiskey, and while you can certainly have a drink, these bars are more geared towards coffee drinkers than those seeking a cocktail. (Although there will always be those who prefer Prosecco for breakfast).

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Yes, it is true, food DOES rule in Italy. But one must also FOLLOW the food rules in Italy as well. Here below are some of the standard rules to help you avoid getting into trouble with the locals on your next visit to Italy.

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Have you ever bought a house? If so, remember that kind of scary feeling of sitting down at a big conference table and being confronted with with a mountain of documents to sign?   Read More

Sorry…but being the American I am, I cannot ever imagine going to my bank and finding this sign taped to the door: Read More

When I used to hear people say things like: “I am going to San Francisco to see my sister run the marathon,” I used to think those people were CRAZY! Not my friend taking the trip, but her sis running the marathon. 🙂 Still, it always seemed like the coolest thing to do because it seemed impossible to do. Read More

Today is Father’s Day in Italy. It is celebrated on the feast day of St. Joseph here. Read More