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Hotel Review: Palazzo Parigi Hotel

Planning a trip to Italy always includes looking for the perfect accommodation and The Palazzo Parigi is one of THE places to stay in Milan. For those looking for an opulent hotel that is trendy at the same time – this is the place for you. Read More

Here is a super ambitious one-day itinerary for Milan, Italy. So if you are a road-warrior, this day is for you.

When planning a visit to a place like Milan, of course you have to see the classics, but there are some off the beaten path stops as well, otherwise this guide would be just like all the others out there…right?  It will NOT include “The Last Supper.”  I know….gasp….but I will save that for a two or three-day visit. Read More

I wrote a post about how to make your own Italian-style hot chocolate at home. Yummy, soul soothing and totally satisfying ganache…oh…I mean hot chocolate. But let’s face it, the Italian version IS basically like drinking a cup of ganache. It is rich and thick and to “drink” it, you need a spoon. Read More

It has been particularly cold in these last days of February. Rome even got a dusting of powdered sugar last night and the city woke up to a snow covered Colosseum. So what is the best way to enjoy these cold, cozy days?  With a cup of hot chocolate of course! ITALIAN hot chocolate that is. Italian hot chocolate is more like a dessert all by itself. It is has a thicker consistency than its American cousin and is more like drinking chocolate ganache than warmed up chocolate milk.

There is a boxed hot chocolate available in Italy, and it is called Ciobar. It kind of gets a bad rap here as something processed and disgusting, but having a look at the ingredients, they look similar to my recipe. Here they are:

Read More

For about the past six months there has been article after article with headlines such as Roundtrip from U.S. To Europe for $189.”  Airlines like Norwegian Air and low-cost carriers such as WOW seem to be making travel to and from Europe more affordable. Even British Airways is getting in on the action, with a new sister airline called “Level.  But how do you find these super cheap flights?  You can head directly to individual airlines sites, but what are the best search engines for all flights?  Here are some of the sites that I use along with helpful hints on how to use them. Read More

Having just moved of course I packed at least 1000 boxes and during this process, I discovered one of my favorite Italian words was “soggiorno” which means living room. I guess there is something about the double “g’s.” It just felt so fun to write that word. Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. I admit I was never a fan of Valentine’s Day, thinking it seemed like a cheesy and forced way to express one’s love. But then I realized that Valentine’s Day can be about all kinds of love. Love for friends and family as well as the big love of your life. Read More

Today’s language lesson does not involve any new vocabulary or verb conjugations or rolling of the r’s. Read More

This past weekend and maybe the upcoming weekend (for rebels looking to vacation right up until the last-minute), is known as the “rientro.” When using this word as it relates to vacation, it would mean, “returning home” or “going home.”  Everyone hates this word because it means a return to the routine life.  The end of the summer fun.  And as you might recall, Italians really know how to do summer up right. Read More

I have been pretty much MIA all summer long.  Time just flies so fast.  But while there is still a little of summer left, there is just enough time to make this easy zucchini frittata.   Read More

Lately I have been catching some fun photos of gli anziani – seniors. Most anziani are nonni – grandparents. Grandparents play a very important part in Italian culture. This usually comes in the form of giving out insightful advise, Sunday dinners, spoiling grandchildren but even raising their grandchildren. Read More

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I have not done a music post in a while, and today I thought I would focus on great Italian music found in the movies.  Most of the songs here are classics, and when put together with great visuals, they can make you love the song even more. Read More