Language Lunedi’ – The Dreaded Re-entry

This past weekend and maybe the upcoming weekend (for rebels looking to vacation right up until the last-minute), is known as the “rientro.” When using this word as it relates to vacation, it would mean, “returning home” or “going home.”  Everyone hates this word because it means a return to the routine life.  The end of the summer fun.  And as you might recall, Italians really know how to do summer up right.

And apparently, there is even and illness related to the return, appropriately called, “Sindrome da Rientro”  (Return Syndrome).  Yes – La Stampa, a daily Italian newspaper wrote an article about this illness.  The symptoms are:  anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, excessive fatigue and even mild depression.   Those who suffer from this illness are unable to concentrate and feel crushed by the sense of responsibility.  Some of the remedies include getting enough rest and physical activity.  Proper nutrition is also fundamental.  And don’t forget about that traumatic transition from sunlight to the artificial light of the office which can put stress on the mind and body. A good tip: take your lunch break outdoors.

Anyway, if you are curious about the different ways to express this horrible time of year in Italian, here below are some key words and phrases.

buon rientro dalle vacanze:  Have a good/safe trip home.  

rientro dalle vacanze:  return from vacation

rientro dalle ferie:  return from holiday

rientro:  return, re-entry

rientro al lavoro:  return to work

traffico:  traffic – Il traffico will always be the headline story for the evening news during this period as they discuss “il reintro.” Think about it – you have half the country moving on the same weekend, usually headed from south to north.  Traffic can be a nightmare.

Italian Traffic

13 Comments on “Language Lunedi’ – The Dreaded Re-entry

  1. Ah … I was wondering how the Italians express “la rentrée”. Thank you. At least the Italian shops aren’t full of school uniform, which starts appearing in England in July, just to depress the summer holiday shoppers.

  2. We’re going to be moving to Bologna in the near future, so I suppose I’ll be hearing about this next summer.

    • Hi Graham..yes…the evil return to work. Just follow the suggestions outlined in the newspaper and you will be feeling better in no time. 🙂

    • Hi Sherry! You are so kind and sweet as always. I guess I like to poke a little fun at the Italians. Sometimes they don’t realize how good they have it. In the States you can go an entire year or two with no vacation at all. How would the Italians handle THAT syndrome?

  3. Oh the return from a wonderful holiday can be very sad. I find the solution is to have another holiday in the works. 🙂

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