Italy Translated

Super yummy and super easy. You can do no wrong with this foccaccia – it comes out every time. As you will note in the directions, it is a very sticky dough. This is the only way it has ever worked for me. The more classic dough in which you knead by hand never, ever comes out for me.  It always tastes like cardboard.

Give this focaccia a try, you can prepare it plain with no toppings and just a little salt, or with some of the other ideas I mention below. Either way, your home will have a heavenly scent after baking this bread! Enjoy! Read More

pasta 1

During the week when I am running around with the kids, working and trying to stay on top of my mountain of laundry, trying to get dinner on the table can be a challenge. But here is a quick and easy sauce that anyone can make and is so much better for your family than jarred sauce – not to mention the superior taste.

Have a look and try it out….. Read More

During these last cold, gloomy days of winter, preparing a colorful pick me up of Limoncello is just the ticket!  This recipe is from my godmother who not only was kind enough to share her recipe with me but gave me a bottle of her Limoncello as a Christmas gift. What a nice idea!  You might want to consider this as well. Not only is making the Limoncello a pleasure but dressing it up in a cute and festive bottle is also fun. Read More

Italy’s answer to a grilled cheese sandwich?  Yum, the melted mozzarella is oh so satisfying.  Mozzarella in Carrozza is the perfect lunchtime meal – perfect for kids, but also us adults accompanied with a nice glass of wine of course! Read More