Italy Translated

So easy, so delicious and no oven involved! I can’t really bake so of course the tiramisu is one of my go-to desserts. I did a little research to see where this “classic” Italian dessert originated from and as it turns out, it is not so classic after all.

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In Italy, “La Bella Figura” does not completely relate to having a beautiful body or figure, but it is somewhat linked.  La Bella Figura is an approach to life – a philosophy.   Read More

As an adult, I was never much into Valentine’s Day.  I admit it.  It seemed so contrived – like a forced display of love. And nothing makes me more crazy than something that seems forced.  One day in talking this over with my sis, she totally convinced me otherwise.  “Why would you not want to celebrate a day dedicated to love?”   I don’t know what happened, but when I heard those words, it just clicked with me that Valentines’s can be what you want it to be.  It does not have to be cheesy and over the top, but can be just what YOU want it to be.   Read More


Last Christmas (as in Christmas, 2013) we visited one of hubby’s aunts.  She was talking about how every week she made
her little boy (who is now a grown man) a ciambellone so he would not be eating the commercially made merendine.  A ciambellone is, in essence, a bundt cake.  A merendina is a packaged sweet snack (think:  Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Ho-Hos). Read More

If you are planning a trip to Italy, no doubt you will be stopping for a caffè. In Italy, a cafe is called a bar. As an American, when I hear the word “bar,” I think of a place to order a whiskey, and while you can certainly have a drink, these bars are more geared towards coffee drinkers than those seeking a cocktail. (Although there will always be those who prefer Prosecco for breakfast).

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Seeing how it is Friday and the perfect day for an aperitivo (happy hour), I think the recipe for an Aperol Spritz is a must. This is one of my favorite summer cocktails.  It is refreshing, fun and colorful. Read More

Yes, it is true, food DOES rule in Italy. But one must also FOLLOW the food rules in Italy as well. Here below are some of the standard rules to help you avoid getting into trouble with the locals on your next visit to Italy.

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One of my favorite summer dishes is Insalata Caprese (Caprese Salad).  As I have mentioned before, I am a total fan of quick and easy meals and dishes that are incredibly yummy and in this case beautiful to look at.   Read More

This is the period for asparagus!  They are everywhere – in supermarkets, in the street markets, and there are even entire festivals devoted to them! Read More

Ok…..well the truth is, this is not REALLY a recipe, but maybe more of a suggestion.  A spremuta is just fresh squeezed juice.  In this case, I have made it with oranges. Read More

After one runs (or jogs) a marathon, there is ALWAYS a pasta party! Read More