I love this song…her sweet voice, the piano opening.  Also…the word are fab….a few snippets below:
Quando guardo il cielo cerco te
Distrattamente guardo il cielo e cerco te
– – – –

When I look at the sky I search for you
Distracted I look at the sky and I search for you

Giorgia – “Per Fare A Meno Di Te”

Giuliano Palma & The Bluebeaters – “Tutta Mia La Città”

This song and video are so fun.  Poor guy, he is singing about how his girl chose another guy over him.    This is a remake of the song:  “Blackberry Way” (the music is the same, the words of the Italian song do not match those of the original, although “Tutta Mia La Città” incorporates a few lines from the original).

Have a look at the Giuliano’s version and directly below that, the original.  Errrrr…..note the style changes.

The Move – “Blackberry Way”

Caro Emerald – “A Night Like This”

Now that it is getting colder and winter is on its way, I am loving this fun song that reminds me of summer.    It is not an Italian song….nor sung by an Italian.  Caro is from The Netherlands.  She is super cool and I love her music.   A few more of her music to follow.

Caro Emerald, featuring Giuliano Palma  – ” Riviera Life” 

Here is she is singing with Giuliano (from “Tutta Mia La Città”)

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