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Musica and Movies

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I have not done a music post in a while, and today I thought I would focus on great Italian music found in the movies.  Most of the songs here are classics, and… Read More


This weekend I saw a movie in which  Vanessa Paradis stars.  She covered of a beautiful, classic Neapolitan song played at the end of the film.  I specify this song as “Neapolitan” because it is sung in the… Read More

Summer Musica!

Summer is serious stuff in Italy.  I mean really serious stuff.  Everyone is happy and excited about going on vacation.


Just a few songs I am liking at the moment.


Italy’s answers to cheesy love songs from the 70’s like:  “You’re in My Heart” by Rod Stewart or “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel, except these are really not that cheesy and kind of nice.  Well…ok….poor Rod… Read More


Today is all about Jovanotti (real name:  Lorenzo Cherubini) I guess I would be hard pressed to find anyone that does not like this guy.  He has been around a long time.   I love the ease in his… Read More


Zucchero – “Wonderful Life” This is a cover of Black’s song released in 1987. I love the video!


I love this song…her sweet voice, the piano opening.  Also…the word are fab….a few snippets below: Quando guardo il cielo cerco te Distrattamente guardo il cielo e cerco te