Zucchero – “Wonderful Life”
This is a cover of Black’s song released in 1987. I love the video!

Lorenzo Pilat – “L’amor Che Go Perso”
Sung in Triestine dialect, along with a few photos of Trieste (my father’s hometown), His deep and somewhat melancholic voice and piano combo….perfect!

Lorenzo Pilat – “La Mula di Parenzo”
Ok…now I am in a Trieste kind of mood. But this song is much more upbeat. He is singing about: The Girl from Parenzo. But….the word for “girl” in Italian is ragazza. Mula is dialect for ragazza. How they got mula from ragazza? NON LO SO!  I don’t know! Anyway….Parenzo is now called Poreč. Poreč is located in Croatia, but from 1918 – 1945, this town and the Istrian peninsula were Italian. After World War II, Italy lost most of Istria, and that piece of land became part of Yugoslavia (now Croatia). But the details of that situation should be saved for a more detailed post. 🙂 For now, just enjoy the music!

5 Comments on “Musica

  1. I love these! You just made my Wednesday afternoon. The video for Wonderful Life is SO sweet-starting with the sweet little kiddos and ending with the older people. Oh my gosh-I got abit teary eyed as well! I love all of this music so much-thank you for sharing! Ciao!

    • Hi Sheri! I know! This video! Gets me every time I see it…..all the different stages of life….some people happy, some a little less so…..still…it IS a wonderful life….even during the difficult moments.

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