Ok, so in the past weeks, we have had some fun with False Friends and the fact that I was able to tie George Clooney into a language post.

This week’s lesson is a bit more serious….we are going to work with the verb “to be”  essere in Italian.  We will look at the simple present of this verb.

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During these last cold, gloomy days of winter, preparing a colorful pick me up of Limoncello is just the ticket!  This recipe is from my godmother who not only was kind enough to share her recipe with me but gave me a bottle of her Limoncello as a Christmas gift. What a nice idea!  You might want to consider this as well. Not only is making the Limoncello a pleasure but dressing it up in a cute and festive bottle is also fun. Read More

Zucchero – “Wonderful Life”
This is a cover of Black’s song released in 1987. I love the video! Read More

False friends within languages happen when words from two languages seem the same but have different meanings. Sometimes the confusion can be a little embarrassing. Read More

When you just cannot take another museum, monument or a non-stop day of walking, thinking about visiting one of Italy’s many terme or natural springs.  There are a variety of baths in Italy offering various therapeutic properties – curing everything from liver ailments to arthritis  to offering anti aging benefits. Read More

Every Monday (lunedi’) I will offer a short lesson in Italian.

(*Italians do not capitalize the days of the week)

Italian is a phonetic language, meaning you pronounce the letters as you see them.  Of course there are a few exceptions.  And this lesson relates to the biggest exception. Read More

Van Gogh Alive is not an exhibit of original pieces by Van Gogh, but instead is a reflection of the artist’s life  projected onto screens, columns, walls and even the floor, set to a soundtrack of classical music. Read More

I love this song…her sweet voice, the piano opening.  Also…the word are fab….a few snippets below:
Quando guardo il cielo cerco te
Distrattamente guardo il cielo e cerco te Read More

Italy’s answer to a grilled cheese sandwich?  Yum, the melted mozzarella is oh so satisfying.  Mozzarella in Carrozza is the perfect lunchtime meal – perfect for kids, but also us adults accompanied with a nice glass of wine of course! Read More

My name is Diana.  I was born and raised in Texas and am currently living in Northern Italy, about 10 minutes from the Swiss border.  We moved From Austin about seven years ago, but it feels more like one year ago. Read More